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MangoFang's Yard Update March 2012

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Thanks for sharing the nice pictures Gary.  :)

very nice pics. you will be in mango heaven every summer!

A nice tropical paradise you have there, Fang of Mango.

Your pictures made me notice that not all panicles look the same. The stems of Pickering are a nice deep reddish color. The stems of my Mallika are green. Dot and Graham panicle stems are a lighter pink, kind of blotchy.

Quite the mango farm there Gary, making those guys in Coachella a little nervous.


I would love to this your mango yard in 5-10 more years... would be amazing when the canopies start to spread over the back yard. Would then need a google earth view to see everything :). Btw, what is the plant behind the Glenn mango, it looks kind of like Kangkong (Ipomoea aquatica).


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