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This is almost like a birth announcement :)

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I am so excited that I had to share.... I just came home from a CME conference in Colorado to find the avocado seedling tree that I planted 6 yrs ago covered with flowers for the first time! I wonder if the chat I had with Noel Ramos about lopping it down to a foot tall and top working it was the twist of fate?!  :) Which could still be possible depending on if the fruit is worthy or not!
I am very excited to see what it produces!

Congrats, perhaps you will have a worthy new Avocado variety.

Yes congrats!!

I hope it's resistant to the vector, ambrosia beetle, and the pathogen it spreads! 

I've see some trees exhibit resistance to the disease, and they look as if they will survive to fruit again.  Time will tell.  I'm sure there is a big demand for resistant strains of persea.

Congratulations, Marin!  Are there any other avocados in bloom anywhere near yours?  I hope so.  Without that, you may not get fruit to set. Best of luck and keep us posted.


In Florida Harry?  Don't you guys have these growing in nearly every yard and on every corner?


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