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  • Santa Barbara,CA Zone 10b,lo-med. humid,50%-70% avg.
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Fruit Trees:
Pixie tangerine, 5 humongous Hass avocadoe trees, 50 ft.+ fruiting queen palm, Elephant apple seedlings, Jakfruit,"Red Malaysian" Guava, "Glenn" Mango, "Rochester" Peach, "Santa Rosa" Plum, Unknown cultivar of Peacatum, Apricot, Blackberry Jam fruit, several small ice-cream bean seedlings,"Black Pearl" Wax Jambu, "Arkin" Starfruit, Salak "Madu"(small seedlings), "Manila" Mango, Yuzu, Buddhas Hand, Soncoya(2 small seedlings), "El Bumpo" Cherimoya, "Kohola" Longan, "Solo" Papaya, "Mountian" Papaya, Mamey Sapote "Pantin", Aussie Finger lime, "Meyer" Lemon, "Cara" Variegated Blood Orange, Yellow Lemon Guava, "Cooledgei" Fejoa, Jaboticaba, Cinnamon, Allspice, Dragonfruit, Passionfruit, Biriba, "Suebelle" White Sapote, "Vernon" White Sapote, Tangerine, Orange, Thornless Mexican Key-lime, Reduced Spine Prickly Pear, Banana, Goji Berry, Strawberry Guava, and that's all folks
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