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Thanks all. I think Iíll see if the nursery will replace it. Itís an oro negro, and now who knows what it will be.

Hi everybody. I planted this tree a few weeks ago. It was out in full sun, so I wasnít worried about the heat and picked a sunny spot. All the leaves above the graft turned brown and crunchy. The lower leaves, as you can see, are very happy. Any advice please?! Thank you.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Best mangos of this season
« on: July 19, 2022, 03:35:28 PM »
It was a deeply sweet mango flavor with a very small touch of pineapple and coconut. They can be picked as soon as they start showing some yellow color and ripen 3-4 days later. I made the mistake of brushing my teeth about a half hour after the mango and it was like an orange juice/toothpaste experience. Iíve just never had such a great sweet and pleasantly textured mango before. Four of us were taste testing and it blew us all away!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: A dozen volunteer papayas!
« on: July 19, 2022, 03:29:03 PM »
I know it sounds crazy. Somebody played a big joke one me I if these werenít from the momma tree, but I have never had papaya tree before and now I have a grove. I havenít even purchased a papaya fruit this year. Itís all so strange and random. Guess Iíll wait and see what type of flowers come up.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Best mangos of this season
« on: July 19, 2022, 07:05:51 AM »
I tried quite a few mango varieties this year. I have to say the Cac was a standout, followed by Springfel. The only issue I had with Springfel was a bit of fiber, but other than that it was great. The Cac mangoes were the best I ever had. I wish there were more!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / A dozen volunteer papayas!
« on: July 18, 2022, 10:16:18 PM »
I don't know what to make of this papaya dilemma I have. I planted a hermaphrodite papaya that I purchased from a nursery about six months ago. It was two feet tall at the time and has tripled in height. It is just setting it's first fruits. About 20 feet down the yard, 12 volunteers have sprung up. I had no idea they were there, as they were originally  obscured by other plants and trees. I let them grow. Now two of them are 10 feet tall. There are others nearly the same height and some smaller ones as well. I have never had papayas before, so I thought if some were female I would be fortunate. I didn't even know about the self pollinating papayas, as I do now.

Today I revisited the nursery. The guy who grows the papaya from seed there insisted that "papayas don't grow that way". He thought maybe someone tossed an old papaya with seeds in the yard. Nope! It's just me and the hubby. The house behind us was vacant for the last year while it was renovated, so no one tossed seeds from that yard.

Do papayas need to be grafted? Is there any chance that these volunteers will produce decent fruit? There are no flowers yet. I feel as though I may regret not pulling them before even more roots set in. I would love to hear from anybody who has experience with this. Thanks!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Heaviest Mango 2022
« on: July 18, 2022, 10:02:11 PM »
I had a Springfel mango last week and it was probably three pounds! I didn't weigh it, but I should have. It was excellent.

Hi all, I thought I would post this for people who are struggling with which mango tree to plant. I was not able to find too much on this particular variety, CAC aka COC, and the taste tests that I saw on YouTube were lackluster. I was concerned about it because this is our first tree and I bought it for my husband for Christmas. (Long story but it is a inside joke in our family about my hubby and his love of mango trees). I went out to Excalibur fruit trees in western Lake Worth and the guy out there suggested this one.

It gave us a whopping harvest of two mangoes this year, but not bad for a new tree. I have since learned that I probably should not have let it fruit this year. The skin was yellow when ripe, not red and orange as I am accustomed to. I was a little worried that it wouldn't be as good as all the basic mangoes we have here in south Florida. Well, last night was the big taste test. There were four or us and two giant 1 lb+ fruits. All four of us agreed it was the best mango we ever had. They were incredible! They were completely fiberless and as sweet as candy. The taste was 90% mango and 10% citrusy coconut. They sell the fruit at Excalibur, so I think I will go back and buy some. They were that good.

I can see how in a taste test you may not be able to appreciate the individuality of some mangoes and this variety is one of them. There is really no effective way to cleanse your palette after this taste except with letting time pass.
Just wanted to give you all some documentation of this great variety if you haven't tried it. We couldn't be happier with our tree and are very excited for next year!


Thanks for offering to help. I ended up cutting a bunch of the lower leaves off. The mid level leaves were sprayed clean with the hose and the upper leaves were untouched. I also made a neem oil solution and painted it on. The coffee grinds seemed to get rid of the ants, so the fuzzy white aphids were on their own. That's what my research led me to believe they probably were. You can see them up close in the pic here. The tree gets a lot of sun, but some of the day she's shaded by an overzealous banana nearby.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Help please- Problems with Papaya Tree
« on: June 02, 2022, 09:38:29 PM »
Hi Everyone, This is my first papaya tree and it's tucked back out of my direct line of sight. Last week or so, I noticed something white on it from a distance and there was also a couple of big white spots on the fence. I assumed it was bird droppings and forgot about it. Today I was out trimming some things up and I noticed some ugly problems going on with the leaves. I tried searching online to no avail, but safe to say that it has some aphids that I will get in the morning. The black and white stuff has me puzzled though. Any ideas what it is and how to treat? I posted two more below.

Great. I'll check them out.
Thank you for the referral.

I'm about two miles west of 95 as the crow flies. I have never had a good Florida avocado, but was looking at the Oro Negro. Looked interesting!

I'm 10b South Florida, just like you! That's why I asked your expert opinion!  ;D

Hi Carlos! I have read your exhaustive articles on growing avocados in South Florida. It seems like it is a tricky situation here. If you had to recommend one variety for 10 B, what would be your top pick as of now? I am debating whether I want to try to plant one and I am somewhat new at this. Of course I want a Hass if it would be the same as in other regions, but alas I know the struggle! Thanks.

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