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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Zhpp Glo Mango
« on: February 13, 2024, 08:53:28 AM »
Has anyone started or heard the rumor of a potential new release from Zill? A prominent YouTuber from  Palm Beach County insinuated there's another potential release coming soon. Prophetically speaking could it be the Glo mango tree with
bioluminescent  bloom that attract pollinators after Dark They found that mushroom DNA is very compatible with plant DNA and used that to transfer the bioluminescent traits

Tropical Fruit Discussion / February fruit
« on: February 11, 2024, 03:53:01 PM »

Well since I see how well strawberries can do in a raised bed garden going to expand. Got these at the beginning of Last Summer

I was revisiting hardening of seedlings came across an article where they said the new grow lights that have UV can help with the transition to outdoor Sun UV Radiation. Shared article with a friend who advised since I'm working on a very small scale to experiment with a reptilian UV light in addition to the grow light are already have. Just for fun I will get some more tomato seeds and do several control groups. My shade cloth method is working well but this season is a blessed one and next may not be so kind. Of course the Cannabis industry is leading the innovation in this method of plant health. Too old to take up any new vices I'll stick with tomatoes. Anyone  familiar with the UVA UVB pulse method of short duration two to three times during the light cycle?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Blumat gravity flow irrigation
« on: January 29, 2024, 05:13:38 AM »

 Since I'm a gardening hobbyist I get advertisements for irrigation but this was new to me. Anyone using these ceramic valves reminds me of ceramic valve on irrometer Galatians schools me on in another thread. May experiment with these Blumat ceramic valves attached to a 5 gallon bucket with bulkhead 8 mm Spaghetti hose on container grown tomatoes just for fun.                                                                         For those not familiar with Blumats, they utilize a ceramic actuated valve... when the ceramic drys up, the valve opens, then once the ground is wet again, the ceramic soaks the water back up, swells, and shuts off the valve.

What procedure do you use to harden off young transplants that you've had indoors under grow light with a oscillating fan with light Breeze. I have the shade of a Barbados cherry bush and plenty of shade cloth. I also have a busy schedule.

Since my earliest mangoes are mid June. I planned last season to start cantaloupes indoors at the beginning of the new year. I'm a little behind schedule but I have all the pieces to the puzzle. Going to raise them in 25 gallon pots drip irrigation with a cattle panel trellis proximately 8 ft tall 20 ft wide. The varieties I selected for this first rodeo are (Ice Cream Green Machine (Sugar Cube) (Honey Bun) and (Brilliant F1 Canary Honeydew). These are Bush type and smaller cantaloupes of around 2 lb. Going to raise them vertically. The goal is to have fruit in May. Then go down to Palm City for the early sweet Turpin mangoes and hopefully early Carrie

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Has covid-19 changed your taste preferences?
« on: January 02, 2024, 06:47:23 AM »
Having covid-19 multiple times I believe it's changed my taste preferences. Things I didn't like I do like. I feel as though I don't taste the pine flavor like I used to and I definitely think my sense of smell has changed. The secretary at my insurance agent says she definitely feels that her tastes preferences have changed. She says she's talked to multiple clients that have the same experience. Is broccoli now on the menu for you?😊

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Spraying fungicide below 60 ?
« on: January 01, 2024, 06:55:12 AM »
I read in several places that it's recommended not to spray fungicides below 60
But they don't really state why. Because of the wind I sometimes I want to spray as the sun rises. As of right now the temperature is 45, but that's not the daily high. The daily high will most likely be above 60. So my question is. Is it that fungus and spores don't grow rapidly below 60 and they deem spraying not necessary? Or is it that the trees and plants will not absorb the systemic fungicide? Could it be the metabolic rate of the plant or trees is slow and will not distribute the fungicide once absorbed efficiently?
I have a two application rotational regiment to keep anthracnose systemically low in my trees. There is some bloom on some trees so powdery mildew is also on the hit list.
Happy New Year

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tropical fruit Christmas wish list
« on: December 23, 2023, 11:24:52 PM »
My Christmas wish is that Dot and coconut cream have a bloom instead of vegetative growth flush. Looks like Dot Maybe mixed bloom at best

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Florida weather South Southwest and Central
« on: October 16, 2023, 06:51:13 AM »
Speaking for Central Florida last week we had a couple of days of rain at times heavy. Friday in the early a.m. around 4:00 we had a huge downpour by the time I made coffee and started to head to work the humidity was oppressive even before the sun came up. Now 3 to 4 days later in the early a.m. it is 61 with low humidity this early a.m. Looks to be Pleasant weather through the week and into the weekend. This is a good opportunity to spray and repot some plants before we get into the holiday season. I think the rainfall totals are about average for this summer but I'll have to check on that. Not sure about the rest of the state. Pretty confident that South Florida got their usual heavy share of the rain. This can be an ongoing thread for form members report from their locations on Frost freeze rain etc etc🙂

Since the weather cooled off to the low 80s today I took an opportunity to spray for anthracnose. I sprayed Phyton 35 this morning and will again in the beginning of November. Then i will  rotate per California Ag recommendations. Only two trees didn't spray was Malika which I don't spray even for powdery mildew and orange sherbert which I do spray for powdery mildew. During bloom

Special thanks to Mark from Texas for sharing his fungicide wisdom. He may still be on an extended 30-day forum ban Lol

anthracnose magnet but she looks clean

Phyton 35

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Recommended blueberry bushes for Central Florida
« on: September 17, 2023, 11:07:04 AM »
What are some good blueberry varieties for Orlando area. Are some better grown in containers than others. And where is a good place to purchase some don't mind making a road trip🙂

Tropical Fruit Discussion / People's Court for mango
« on: August 19, 2023, 08:09:03 PM »
Has anyone ever ended up in the People's Court over mango tree? My wife just noticed that I dug up a 6 ft Graham tree and traded it for a sizable White Pirie. Try to explaining that we have to many West Indian profile trees and need to diversify. To someone from the Caribbean this is very serious and the smile on my face did not help my case. If she walks around to the back side of the house and notice that Pickering is gone that i traded for a similar size Carrie tree. I may end up in front of Judge Judy. Since she is a woman I will definitely probably get the chair.
Has anyone else had their spouse get hot blood over a tree😡

I had the opportunity to try three unique mangoes first was apricot I've had my eye on that one for several seasons but finally got to try it things to Alex tropical Acre Farms. No surprise it's probably a Seedling of Bombay but it had a unique flavor Tangerine for me. The second one was the bolt mango thanks to Vince in Punta Gorda. I had only a slice so wasn't able to derive an opinion. Lastly is Black Julie which I had the privilege to come up with the name. It is a Blackie seedling brought from Jamaica many years ago that has just started fruiting the last two seasons. Now I've had it several times over a span of a month and this last one I had was really outstanding. The flavor next to the skin was strong and unique can Alfonso West Indian type of flavor. When I commented my friend said that's the black mango flavor. But it's much different than I've had before. It was fiberless except close to the seed. Very rich flavor Ultra sweet. I enjoyed it much more than the Buxton spice that followed it. The shape is that of a Julie not a Blackie and it very much reminds me of Super Julie but stronger. Andy is in the process of taking all the air layers of other varieties grafted to that tree off now that we know it is an exceptionally unique mango. Anywho I thought I'd share🙂

The public likes the illusion of organically grown fruit but then rejects the reality. The General Public tend to reject any fruit that has a blemish or looks as I call it dirty. That's the old adage you can't judge a book by its cover the same goes for mangoes. When they buy clean fruit there's a very high probability that it's being sprayed with more than just sulfur and copper. Some of the best mangoes I've been given have had a little anthracnose on the skin but once I cut it open it was a beautiful sight. I guess my point is there's some very unrealistic expectations out there. And with the logistics of Labor time and expense could possibly a tribute to Mango inflation. If you want Ultra Clean fruit you're going to pay more. Hence the recent increase in dollars per pound

Only the Ultra Cleanest organic mangoes and we refuse to overpay

Antidotically I found some of the Citrus profiles are not too bad when they go a little over. The texture softens but they don't seem to get musky. Anyone else have an observation or opinion.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Lemon Orange zest mango
« on: July 28, 2023, 11:41:46 PM »
Does Lemon zest more often taste like Orange zest?
First lemon zest I had several weeks ago tasted lemony sweet and chalky. The two I've had this week have tasted Orangish. Wasn't it's original name going to be orange sherbet before they decided on naming it lemon zest. Is it a matter of early in the season versus later in the season. Could it be the way they were picked. I prefer it when it tastes liminish. Can someone with experience with this variety educate me because I'm new to tasting this extraordinary mango variety. But the first one that tasted Sweet Lemon was Sublime🙂

Tropical Fruit Discussion / 9b Mango season
« on: July 16, 2023, 10:22:21 AM »
One of many benefits of living in 9B as I get to enjoy South Florida's mango season and the joy of my season starting. Very early for me was June 17th with dwarf Hawaiian. Now starting to pick ice cream with Malika Little Gem and Buxton spice still hanging green. I've had a few Valencia Pride drops but the sugar content has been low picked up a few today we'll see how they're progressing. Think Merritt Island and the Port St Lucie areas are in their mid late looking forward to acquiring some M-4s soon.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Jakarta's production
« on: July 10, 2023, 04:18:36 PM »
Friend of mine gave me Jakarta i really like it. From reading it seems as though production is low to Mediocre according to Har on a old thread. Someone else mentioned powdery mildew. Is this the main culprit or is there something else I need to know before grafting.

Looks like someone's on duty being proactive.

Is there a Dunkin' donut on the island? Might get faster response time

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Hydrating scion or budwood
« on: July 05, 2023, 06:06:18 PM »
If you get Scions that are in less than ideal condition. Such as the sent it in a sandwich bag instead of a Ziploc bag or didn't wrap in wet paper towels. What recourse do you have other than grafting right away and hoping for the best. I've heard that florist use Willow water or aspirin water.

I recently purchased a week 51 timeshare from the Via Roma HOA on Bradenton Beach. On the week of Christmas what does that club do for their meeting that particular week. When I go on holidays particularly that time of year I bring gallon jugs of mango juice with lime and Ginger. Sometimes Guava and Barbados cherry juice also. Would be swell to visit that club in that festive time of year and share a glass of mango cheer. Any information would be greatly appreciated 🙂
I recently spent some time with the folks over in Punta Gorda and extremely enjoyed myself always interested in Fellowship with fellow Growers

Has anyone else experienced similar issues. I have a pretty long history with Resorts and hotels but recently it seems that the housekeeping staffs or way too comfortable entering rooms. I recently experienced this on the Atlantic side ended on the Gulfside. Where housekeeping knocks on your door before you can even get halfway there they've already opened and have walked in. I fully understand that these establishments have safe in the room and do not disturb side lock patches on the door hatch. But I find the frequency of the housekeeping staff checking doors and entering is peculiar. The first instant I had left the room without putting the do not disturb sign on my grandbaby was in the living room watching cartoons and my wife was sleeping. While I was down at the car the housekeeping staff not twice I was halfway in the room before my wife could wake out of her Slumber and meet them and was caught off guard and totally shocked. Next incident happened over on the Gulf side where I had left the room to go to a mango tasting dinner housekeeping staff knocked on the door started to come in my wife met them he said oh I thought you needed towels. First off we had only been there one day and did not request any assistance but even more peculiar later that day when I had returned and my wife had left and we hadn't quite compared notes yet. I was relaxing heard two quick Knocks before I could jump up and get to the door and made was already in the room and I was half-dressed. She asked if I needed service I replied if I was 20 years younger but no I do not need any service. So not comparing notes with my wife I wasn't aware that she had already been there and was told we do not need a house or housekeeping assistance. But I see see this as a more frequent trend in our society today. So just makes me think since I can't put my mangoes in the safe are they having a housekeeping tasting party out of my refrigerator  or cooler while I'm making transactions down the road. I guess I'm going to have to buy a game camera to record such tasting events

Does Super Alphonso have a spice component similar to Graham or Buxton spice. I had one three seasons ago that I got from Zhpp. It was picked early green and ripened in approximately 10 days.
I remember my wife commenting that it was good but that's about all I remember. I like mangoes that Finny well. West Indian slang for finish riping. My other question would be. Does it have ease of Bloom. Meaning does a slight change in night time temperatures trigger it to Bloom.

If Carrie is cut back to 10 ft wide after harvest will it still bloom?

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