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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Indochinese mangoes
« on: July 07, 2020, 10:51:41 PM »
I am a fan of the Saigon type indochinese mangoes.  I have ZINC, Sweet tart and K3 Kathy.
Have tasted Fairchild and itís a nice tasting little mango picked and ripened properly.
 Question is how much different as far as taste goes are Cambodiana (ZINCís) possible parent, Dupuis Saigon, or CAC. Never tried any of them, seems like they are hard to find. I can plant maybe 2 more trees in my yard and itís so hard to choose. Kinda wanted another Indochinese maybe Saigon type.

I also like to experiment with seedings. I planted a P-22 seedling (A ZINC Gary hybrid) because I noticed the leaves when ripped have the same sweet smelling hard to explain aroma as my Sweet Tart, ZINC and Kathy tree. Different than all the other varieties I have. Funny the Florigon seedings I potted up have this same aroma also except for 2 out of the 8 seedings I planted. Makes sense I guess Florigon being a Saigon seedling. Just think this is fascinating in a corny way. THANKS for listening!


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