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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Zhpp Glo Mango
« on: February 15, 2024, 07:51:14 AM »
Make that 3 after dark gardener/farmer/fruitaholics lol. Get a hoverboard and attach the pot to it so you can see as you do your work. Heck  take it for walks around the neighborhood and give it a name to really get heads turning. Baaahahaha

Got my gravity flow zero pressure mechanical battery operated timer. Think I have the melons hardened off but added some shade cloth on West Side as a precaution. So far so good wish me luck.
Sugar Cube Green Machine and Snow leopard

Garden Party celebration
Guava from the freezer five finger and June plum recently harvested.
Just call me the juice baby LOL

June Plum juice

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Zhpp Glo Mango
« on: February 13, 2024, 07:10:25 PM »
Now that seems pretty cool. I wish someone would chime in also.
If that one  ever gets released Galatians and I will be gardening after Dark🤣

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2024 FL Mango Season
« on: February 13, 2024, 02:14:05 PM »
Bombay Marc Anthony Buxton spice starting to bloom. Very excited and feel blessed started this journey 6 years ago with the only information I had to work with came from this forum. Used the shotgun approach planted many 7 and 15 gallon tree back when they were large. At the time i knew I was planting them too close but I knew I would eventually cull the herd. Dug those up traded and gave away. Finally got it fine tuned the way I want and now looks to be a bountiful season. My latest addition will be Pere Louis also called AKA mango Pal-Wee

Marc Anthony

Buxton spice
Also I have to give credit to Tropical acre Farms

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: February fruit
« on: February 13, 2024, 01:59:24 PM »
What are the small green fruits pictured with the starfruit?

I am interested in winter time fruits.
June plum or Jamaican plum it makes great juice also when it turns yellow called Golden Apple even better juice.
There's a dwarf variety that doesn't take up much space

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Zhpp Glo Mango
« on: February 13, 2024, 08:53:28 AM »
Has anyone started or heard the rumor of a potential new release from Zill? A prominent YouTuber from  Palm Beach County insinuated there's another potential release coming soon. Prophetically speaking could it be the Glo mango tree with
bioluminescent  bloom that attract pollinators after Dark They found that mushroom DNA is very compatible with plant DNA and used that to transfer the bioluminescent traits

Tropical Fruit Discussion / February fruit
« on: February 11, 2024, 03:53:01 PM »

Well since I see how well strawberries can do in a raised bed garden going to expand. Got these at the beginning of Last Summer

Copied and pasted this off another forum but I think this would work on tomatoes seedlings
I have seen lots of people use these lights and love them, but they are only supplemental, 10min at a time 3 times a day. They protect itself from UV. This is the first time ive seen somebody say they did not work.
Sprayed Frac 11 on a few trees just for general purpose and plant doctor organicide of the rest. Looking to be a bountiful mango season. At this point there's only a few things that could pee on my parade

I was revisiting hardening of seedlings came across an article where they said the new grow lights that have UV can help with the transition to outdoor Sun UV Radiation. Shared article with a friend who advised since I'm working on a very small scale to experiment with a reptilian UV light in addition to the grow light are already have. Just for fun I will get some more tomato seeds and do several control groups. My shade cloth method is working well but this season is a blessed one and next may not be so kind. Of course the Cannabis industry is leading the innovation in this method of plant health. Too old to take up any new vices I'll stick with tomatoes. Anyone  familiar with the UVA UVB pulse method of short duration two to three times during the light cycle?

Bolt mango I was very disappointed in last year tasting!Maybe to ripe.
Yeah my expectations were of citrus since in another thread it was compared to LZ. It tasted like a classic mango to me at the tasting. In a chat I was informed that if it ripens on the tree it has a defined coconut taste. No pun intended but I would like to give it another shot🤣 maybe we can coax someone down by Peace River who has the tree to have a tasting. Would love to come back over to the West Coast. That's where I spend Christmas

So far the melons are thriving. We're starting to get a warming trend with night time temperatures above 50° couple of weeks ago I left a portion of melons outside and brought the others under the grow light. I'll survived but the ones under the grow light definitely grew more so I'm in the process of re-hardening them. Got the tomato seeds Galatians recommended and got them started. Coconut cream is definitely blooming and will share photo with roblack thread once I take an epic photo. Some in central and a few on the East Coast are interested in the bolt mango but are suffering from sticker shock from the price they want for the trees. There may be a tree locally we can get Budwood from a collector here.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Florida weather South Southwest and Central
« on: February 05, 2024, 05:35:32 AM »
Got some rain with strong winds I wasn't expecting. Some in our area got hail thankfully not me

I like trees that start branching low. Branches can be trained, if helped early enough, and then pruned, to grow in more favorable directions. Coco Cream typically has long distances between nodes, so if you start too high, your fruit are mostly going to be out of reach.

Several of our trees start branching at 2 or 3 feet. Mature Glenn's best producers are 2 branches starting at about 2.5 feet. Easier for grafting too. Who cares about getting a mower under there, I can prop up a branch and mow or use the whacker. Usually, not much grass or weeds growing directly beneath a mature mango tree anyway.
Yes there's some very good information on this forum. Some of us also like to have fun. I think roblack uses the goldilock method when picking his fruit. They have to be just right. He's definitely right about those lower branches being productive. You need to think twice before you prune🙂

Here's my coconut cream I got it as a 15 gallon that was bunched together with other trees so they were all lanky. As you can see there's a few with the downward trajectory. In your case I wouldn't worry about it I would treat those four or five scaffoldings as Central leaders with an upward trajectory. Yes they'll be unwilledly convoluted but Coco cream is known for doing that. Any branches with downward trojectory prune them off until it gets to a height where it's not an issue.

 Honey kiss Dunkin not vigorous Growers so I would let them go all natural. Prune lower branches many years after they get a good size and production. Sweet Tart I would probably head around 5 feet. Totally artistic discretion but like a bad haircut it will grow back. Coconut cream I wouldn't care how it looked as long as you get it to produce fruit

So what's your question? At what height do you head it to start your scaffolding. If so that's personal preference. Some folks wait till 5 ft for maintenance reasons. Such as mowing. In a nursery where they have the pots close together and the trees can only get sun at High Noon those trees tend to be tall and lanky. Didn't really care for those trees at first until I realized for landscaping Aesthetics they can be useful for visual depth perception. Such as not blocking your view of a lake. Commercial folks probably won't have a use for that tree. As a backyard gardener you have much more flexibility because you're producing for yourself not for profit. The same goes with the spacing of the trees. Has the backyard gardener if you plant them a little too close. The trees  can still have production off 180° off of each tree. Paraphrasing Gary zill when ask a similar question. Where the trees face each other the branches will intertwine. Or you can just prune those sides of the tree. The jungle effect. Most of what you read is what you would do commercially running your rose ideally North and South and spacing of 12 to 15 ft depending on viggor. The commercial folks like to keep the lower branches because they're about profit and some of the lower branches or more mature and produce. The critters agree with this  method because it makes for low-hanging fruit. No climbing required LOL
Weiss613 is the best example of this Urban Jungle planting

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Smallest Mango Fruit Variety
« on: January 29, 2024, 08:35:23 PM »
Isn't Piña Colada the best of the small mangoes?
If you had a box full of all these mangoes  listed. I know which one I would pick🙂👍

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Blumat gravity flow irrigation
« on: January 29, 2024, 05:13:38 AM »

 Since I'm a gardening hobbyist I get advertisements for irrigation but this was new to me. Anyone using these ceramic valves reminds me of ceramic valve on irrometer Galatians schools me on in another thread. May experiment with these Blumat ceramic valves attached to a 5 gallon bucket with bulkhead 8 mm Spaghetti hose on container grown tomatoes just for fun.                                                                         For those not familiar with Blumats, they utilize a ceramic actuated valve... when the ceramic drys up, the valve opens, then once the ground is wet again, the ceramic soaks the water back up, swells, and shuts off the valve.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2024 FL Mango Season
« on: January 27, 2024, 08:34:22 PM »
Yeah I'm feeling pretty good.  Dot is about 100% bloom along with dwarf Hawaiian which bloomed a month ago. M4 and coconut cream pushing. Orange sherbet almost at 100% bloom.
Do you have to spray the dot fruit? My friend has a bunch and that one was probably the most affected by black spot. It was really really a great tasting fruit. Like the cushman, it gets black spot real bad but I really love the simplicity of the flavor and the texture of that cultivar.
Yes I have a rotating fungicide regiment.Dot was planted and shaped pruned for maximum air circulation and get special attention along with ice cream and coconut cream

This is one that has caught my eye.

That's an eye catcher🙂 To let you know the  strawberries made it through last
 summer and this winter without spraying any fungicide. Now the bottom of one of my raised garden beds did collapse. Otherwise everything is going according to plan. I've got my melons started they're under a grow light. So I may move on to planting some tomatoes. John51 likes to remind me that it my favorite fruit. Mangoes are overrated🤣. If there's a particular variety of tomato that is Hardy and does well in Florida don't be bashful please share.

We were supposed to go down to 38° here with a wind chill of 30°. I was surprised to learn wind chill and "feels like" temps matter not to plants. What affects them is actual temperature.

That being said, I got to practice covering some stuff, just because the way weather forecasts can be off and that was some cold air up north.

I used 6' tall bamboo stakes and wrapped them in frost cloth. Should we have been forecast to freeze, my plan would be to place "candle heaters" in the covered shelter.

Maybe with the bigger trees, I would try a similar setup, but without being able to cover the tops of the tall ones, hope the rising warm air from the candle heaters would help some? Hopefully I'll never need to experiment with that.

Per my car's thermostat, the lowest I got here was 42°.

That's a pretty spiffy tent you put up there fliptop we'll have to ask the mango scoutmaster if you deserve a badge LOL
My wife was asking me if possibly there will be a mango tasting meet and greet in Punta Gorda again this summer. She really enjoyed the area and we're planning our summer vacations now. Should have a banner year so I will contribute a box of assorted mangoes to the cause. I'll try to persuade Palm City to bring a basket of fruit over on his moped. I'll try to dig up the thread from last season to wake  Vince out of his winter Blues stupor LOL. If Vince does have this event again and you show up I'll bring you some of these rotor rain Plus micro jet sprinkler heads. I had to buy in bulk so I have a surplus bag then I'll bring you a handful couple handfuls. There's a warming trend for this week you can turn your tent into a tanning booth LOL

35 degrees in northern Orlando. I heavily watered my mango trees last night and covered the trees that could be covered (up to 7-8 ft tall). Hopefully they are ok.

What temps can mangos tolerate briefly? (2” diameter trunks and up)?
You can ignore the feel like and wind chill forecast. The actual temperature reports are from sensors that are 5 ft off the ground. The actual temperature 1 ft off the ground is probably lower. At 32° when ice crystals form cellular damage begins. Incrementally the damage surmounts as time pass. More than a couple hours is very problematic. You did the right thing by watering heavily. In your freeze combat Arsenal you should have some high quality trunk wrap some C7 incandescent lights and frost cloth for your smaller trees. When trees get mature keep them pruned and manageable. Radiant freeze irrigation. advective  freeze with wind above 7 mph propane heaters are your only
option. Worst case scenario with trunk wrap or anything else you can think of protect a couple feet above the graft. Should be able to start to recover with in a couple seasons instead of replacing the tree which would take 5 years or more. This is the new model for the Citrus industry with undertree irrigation a couple feet above the graft union. They can use her already existing under tree micro jet sprinklers that they use for summer irrigation. In the past they tried to save the whole tree but the unpredictability of a freeze duration caused too much limb breakage. Do not buy into the BS of gibberellic acid and Brassinolide they are not cellular antifreeze. Well hydrated cellular structures fair better than dehydrated plant tissue. Magnesium sulfate adds chlorophyll two plants which they use in the Midwest in early spring to help plants with stress related issues such as cold. Not necessary in Florida. Irrigation is very effective against frost on bloom  at 18 gallons per hour.
Some border pushers swear by Brassinolide  plant sterol.I am not going to dismiss it. Something about elasticity of cellular walls so ice crystals do not rupture. Sounds like wishful thinking to me not something I need to use
This is my short answer aspirin LOL 🙂

39° wind from the north 11 miles an hour No frost🙂]

Maybe things will start to dry up. Was down south Friday in cattle country. Notice one cow walking on her Tippy hooves.  A lot of standing water

My community garden buddy had surprising luck with a disease-resistant smaller variety called "Divergent." He did spray with BT every couple weeks to suppress all the worms.

The modern disease resistant hybrids tend to do better for us here in FL than the old heirlooms.

I'm going to try growing Burpee's "Mango" variety this year, after reading folks rave about it. Apropos, Burpee seeds are BOGO this weekend if anyone wants to trial them with me.
M&M mangoes and melons
Sounds like you and your community garden buddy got a beautiful thing going on there. Much appreciate the information. Yep sugar cube seems to check all the boxes as far as disease resistance. So that will be my majority of planting and some of these others as a minor experiment. Did stumble across a couple of interesting varieties. That if I am successful this season will be added to the queue

Would appreciate any information on this variety of melon. Is it unique or common? Availability of seeds? What is its origin

What procedure do you use to harden off young transplants that you've had indoors under grow light with a oscillating fan with light Breeze. I have the shade of a Barbados cherry bush and plenty of shade cloth. I also have a busy schedule.

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