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A Field spotter's Guide to Australian Finger lime Cultivars

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The one in the image labeled as Mia Rose is the Mt Tamborine one and it came from my garden and my neighbour fraudulently named it after her daughter and it is an unimproved non superior genetic strain exactly the same as Citrus australasica var. sanguinea. So what your saying Starling that the Mt Tamborine one isnít in cultivation is is..itís just sold as Mia Rose and you will find itís not a good variety as no selections have taken place instead a fk load of $ was fraudulently earnt selling this wild strain as something special.

I had the application for formal recognition of Mia Rose rejected by ACRA who agreed with me.

I just got the rare "Purple Bliss" finger lime!         ;D

PS: Just buyed Red Center lime, Crimson Tide and Little Ruby finger limes...

In a few months, depending on how many Byron Sunrise seeds survive, I might have some extra to give away. Two Brazilians who I promised seeds to have priority.

I wonder if those Brazilians got those Finger Limes ?

I want a pink ice one so bad...


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