Author Topic: SEPTEMBER 2023: NEW STOCK of the Theobroma Grandiflora (Capuacu) & Fresh Seeds  (Read 154 times)

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Hello plant lovers!

Itís been a while since our last post, but Since we love all of you and want nothing more then to see you happy we are going to change this!  :) From now on we will post regularly on this forum! For now we are excited to announce that we received new stock and we really want to share them with you. Below, you will find links to our website where you can find more information and can order.

Quick TOP 10 overview of the new stock! 🥳 😊

1. Theobroma Grandiflora (Capuacu) - Pulp bags 600 grams! -

2. Averrhoa bilimbi - Fresh seeds!
3. Annona reticulata (bulls Heart) - Fresh Seeds!
4. Annona cherimoya (Custard Apple) - Fresh seeds!
5. Garcinia Intermedia (Lemondrop mangosteen) - Whole fruits!
6. Garcinia humilis - Whole fruits!
7. Ixora coccinea (Faja Lobi Orange) - Fresh seeds!
8. Ixora (Faja Lobi Red) - Fresh seeds!
9. Nephelium lappaceum - Rambutan seeds!
10. Theobroma Bicolor (White Cacao) - Fresh seeds!

Since our trees are so happy and are producing fruits and seeds like crazy :P! we want to spoil you, therefore we have an special offer on our  Theobroma Grandiflora (Capuacu) ;D

PULP BAG 600 GRAMS = $20
BIG POT= $32.50
MEDIUM POT= $28.50
SMALL POT= $14.50

Here some pictures of the Capuacu! ;)

With Warm Tropical Greetings,

Wesley & Sandra - SEEDS DEL MUNDO