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Texas persimmon seeds

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Whenever anyone can harvest some Texas persimmon I'd appreciate if I could get bulk seeds at a fair price. I'd like to grow a bunch out for my nursery stock. Can trade American persimmon seeds or anything else for them too. Please let me know.

Thanks! DG

I'll try my sources again. D

Hey D,

FigTex was recently selling large well-priced quantities of texas persimmon on figbid, looks like his profile disappeared though?
If you happen to be part of any of those other fig sites and forums, he's on there, you could try messaging him.

Thanks y'all! I don't have an account on fig bid but I have checked the site out before. I should probably sign up.

Any you guys know where I can get some cuttings froma plant with bigger fruit. Mine are small and about the size of a pinto bean.


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