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WTB Adara/Puente Plum Budwood

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Does anyone have any leads for the Adara (aka Puente) plum that is used as a cherry rootstock/interstem? I finally have some plum rootstocks that survive long term here in Florida and would like to convert them to Christobalina cherry for my Dad. This is something he has wanted for years and I would like to make it a reality for him. Typical cherry rootstock is very poorly adapted here.

Those are very common in CRFG exchanges.


--- Quote from: mangoba on September 26, 2023, 08:26:29 PM ---Those are very common in CRFG exchanges.

--- End quote ---

So I hear, it is not common in Florida.

In case there is anyone else that is still looking for this plum, I found that Marta has it available in her scion sale this year (along with many other amazing varieties). Hopefully, my order was not too late to be shipped this year. Here is where I found it.


Where will you get the cristobalina?

I did order some things from Marta, good selection.


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