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Iím wanting to expand the orchard this year and have yuzu as well as a Thomasville at the top of my wish list . What is s everyoneís opinion on other cold hardy citrus worth trying?

I've never tried the fruit, but sudachi comes highly recommended from the person that sent me cuttings. I have a few small own-root clones in pots (they rooted easily), and I plan to plant a couple out this spring. I got them from someone in the Willamette Valley who says it does well for him there. Not sure where you are in OR, though, since other zone 8 areas in the state might not get as much heat in the summer.

We are in the northern end of the valley so temperature isnít usually an issue. Have you got fruit off of your sudachi?

No, I've never tried the fruit. I rooted mine one year ago and they are just 4-inch-tall clones in 1 gal pots. But the person I got them from a bit south of you said his is very productive.

I may have to give that one a try. Do you grow any other citrus?


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