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Possible Sacaton citrumelo x Ten Degree Tangerine

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Hi all, I wanted to share a cool seedling I found amongst a batch of Sacaton citrumelo seedlings. I got the fruit from Stan McKenzie, and having been to his farm, it seemed like his Sacaton citrumelo and Ten degree tangerine are close enough to cross-pollinate. I suspect that could be why the leaves of this seedling look much different and more yuzu-like.

I have found this leaf type in Sacaton seedlings as well as monofoliates. Sacaton tends to have a high rate of segregation or cross-pollination

Very interesting. I'm curious to see this leaf type to maturity, I wonder how the fruit quality and/or hardiness might be.

I also have a Dunstan seedling with this leaf form. Definitely zygotic. But usefull? Lets talk again in a few year!

Haha yes. A few years will tell! Maybe useful, maybe not, but always cool to see the variations between seedlings!


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