Author Topic: Citrus seedlings with three cotyledons?  (Read 2172 times)


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Citrus seedlings with three cotyledons?
« on: September 06, 2013, 11:00:02 PM »
I've germinated over a hundred different citrus seeds (pomelo, lemon, mandarin and orange varieties) and I potted up 18 pomelo and 6 suspected mandarin seedlings this morning and noticed that two of the mandarin seedlings have three cotyledons instead of two. 

I'm not sure that they are mandarin seedlings since I put some orange seeds in the same bag and they got mixed around, but I'm fairly sure they are since they were short rounder seeds, compared to the longer seeds of oranges. Half the mandarin seeds were unknown variety and half were Honey Murcott.

There are over two hundred other seedlings I still need to pot up, but I've only got punnets enough for 100 or so for now.

Anyway, has anyone here encountered citrus with three cotyledons?  It looked like only some of the seedlings from the same polyembryonic seed were tricots. 


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