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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / ISO - King Coconut (Cocos nucifera)
« on: September 22, 2022, 07:49:14 AM »
Looking for a king coconut palm that could be shipped to Va, US.

Of 6 seeds received, ALL have sprouted. Keeping fingers crossed that I can keep them alive. Wish me luck!

If anyone wants some for themselves, I won't be passing any of these on until I'm relatively sure the ones I keep will thrive. But I bought the 'seedlings' (seeds just showing a first root) from Sela Seeds (

The first batch I tried, I bought just the seeds (not yet rooting) and those didn't survive the shipping. But these rooted seeds are doing great. They came packed in a small bag of moist peat/coir and survived the delicate transfer into pots. I'm thinking the fact that they were actively growing 'underground' until they arrived are what helped them to survive the shipping. So...just FYI for anyone else trying to get tricky plants shipped long distances.

I just got some nice 6" saplings from

Took them a while to get here, but they're in good shape anyway. (If you like, I'll post a picture once I take one)

A site I've been using recently for both seeds and (small) plants. Seasonal - she doesn't have the whole inventory all the time. But I've had good success with what I've gotten. Not 100% (They are plants, after all...and shipping post-COVID has been tricky.) but very good results overall. Site is Sri Lankan based, I'm US.

I'd like some.

I can trade a Blue Java and/or some green cardamom, if you're interested. Though, fair warning, I've received a lot of mailed plants but never shipped any myself. I'll take the best practices from the people who have shipped to me, but...yeah. First timer.

For the banana, I have a 6 inch pup and one about 3 ft tall (both in the picture). Obviously the 6 inch one would ship better, but the taller one would grow faster.
The cardamom, I'd have to separate from the clump, but I can get you several stalks worth of growth.

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