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Diseased Parsley


Perhaps I need to find another forum for this kind of question, but I belong to this one so if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate the help.  I am trying to find out what is happening to my Italian Parsley.  It is inside under a powerful grow lamp along with all my other prospering herbs and some tropical plants.  Being inside has its own host of problems.  As you would see in the photos, I had a minor whitefly problem and you can see the dead flies on some of the leaves.  I suppose it is possible this is my problem, but I really don't think so.  There was never any telltale infestation on the leaves compared to obvious issues with other specific plants.  I was thinking Celery Mosaic Virus or Anthracnose as my best choices but I still don't think it looks like this.  I want to remove the parsley and just replace it, but I need to know what this is before I plant another one.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Nick C:
Could be the insect problem. My pepper transplants were hit with mealy bug while getting them started indoors last year. The leaves had very similar issues.

Thanks.  I will look for signs.  Never had that problem.  Plant is coming out today though.  It has held on for months but just won't clear up.  I am going to put in another one and see if the same thing happens.  I use a Isopropyl alcohol mixed with dish washing soap for most of my bug problems and it seems to work.  But maybe not on mealy bugs.


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