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Not forming "beans" - Moringa

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I have five very healthy moringa trees at least 10 years old each. Two are cuttings from the Kampong. Three are from seeds sold by ECHO.

They flower like crazy. Lots and lots of blooms. There are polinatotrs on the blooms, steadily.

But I will only get a very few of the "beans." This happens every year.

I am growing them for the beans as a fresh vegetable. Does anyone have any ideas of how to increase bean production?

Thank you.

When you say only a "few" beans, how many bean pods per tree are you talking about?

Are they in ground? Also, how much sun do they get?

I grow moringa trees planted in the ground with full sun all day.
There are so many pods hanging on the trees and we fill buckets with seed.
Not sure what would cause them to not set fruit, ours are quite prolific.

They are in the ground 10 years or more. Full sun.

A few meaning, say 15 beans out of all five trees.

Everyone says they are prolific, which is why I am mystified.

Yeah, that is weird.

Growing one tree there, nearly 8 years in ground, partial sun, lots of pods for years. Probably had 40 - 50 pods or more at one time last flowering, at different stages.

Have to chop most of the tree down every year, and it just grows back. Indestructible, drought tolerant, and productive. Needs no care here, except pruning. 


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