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Title: Annona seed ID help + a couple photos from yard
Post by: PltdWorld on November 02, 2013, 07:46:45 PM
Can anyone help ID these annona seeds?  Came from an alleged Cherimoya in Ventura, but the fruit was very small for Cherimoya (slightly larger than a tennis ball) and had a horrible flavor - sorry, forgot to take photo of fruit.  It was black by the time it got to me.  The seeds of all Cherimoya I have collected have been almost black in color (very dark brown)... these are a light tan color... hard to tell due to poor lighting, but consider that the feijoa is a medium green and shows in the photos below as very dark green.

Seeds from unknown annona...

Cherimoya (almost ripe in hand)...

Nazemetz Feijoa... just picked...