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In the unfurling flood disaster. My thoughts are with you.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Unknown fruit, ID needed
« on: December 06, 2015, 03:09:55 AM »
Looks like an Atractocarpus and maybe a feral A.fitzalani but inside is nor quite right.A flower would reveal all.

Looked it up, I reckon you've nailed it. Probably just very under ripe.

Growing in total isolation as far as I cold see. How it got to where it was, and how it is bearing in Brisbane is beyond me. Amazing. Are they any good?

Thanks Mike.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Unknown fruit, ID needed
« on: December 06, 2015, 02:29:12 AM »
No idea what this is. Fruit, which may or may not be non-ripe, is very hard. Neither looks nor smells like something I'd like to put in my mouth. Any guesses? I'm looking at you Mike T.
Came across t growing out of a creek bank while searching for my dog who, in keeping with his general trend of bastardry escaped yet again today.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Well, this is a brow-lifter
« on: December 06, 2015, 01:50:08 AM »
White sapote pepsi is a real thing, apparently. Can't say white sapote would be my first pick for a novelty pepsi flavor.
However if mangosteen pepsi does happen, I will probably become a certified land whale before a month is out.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: "Chicken Heart" Wampee
« on: December 02, 2015, 12:45:00 AM »
the ones i tasted all reminded me of a lychee and grapefruit (without any bitterness)

i've never had the gumption to eat the skin!  it has a peculiar flavor, reminiscent of the way curry leaves smell...

I hear ya. Definitely some kind of  funky absinthian spiciness going on in the skin that I'm not partial to.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: "Chicken Heart" Wampee
« on: December 01, 2015, 06:34:59 PM »
i have seen isolated trees fruiting

this is a great fruit!!

I have one planted out in the yard, a grafted chicken heart..probably has some sort of nutrient deficiency, because it's only grown about 8 inch in 2yr

i bought a seedling from Polynesian stand a few months ago.
seems pretty healthy. started off slow, but, growing nicely now.
supposedly Chicken-heart.

i read somewhere you need a male and female tree ?
maybe not, cant find it now...
does a second tree increase fruit production / size /taste ?

found a thread with pics;all

Can't comment on the chicken heart variety, but there's a huge yeem pay fruiting on my neighbour's property without a partner. Fruit are very good when you get a good one, not unlike loquat but kind of more lemony.   I prefer them without the skin. Very aromatic fruit.

If they don't respond to your claims, and make the situation right, they will be banned from the forum.

They have until the end of the week to correct the issue.

They didn't refund, or send the trees and seeds that I ordered.
I opened a paypal claim.
They talked me into canceling the Paypal claim, saying that they would send the rest of my order if I did so.
That was last month.
They did not keep their word.
The way paypal works, if you cancel a claim you can not open it back up.
These people kept my money, and didn't send my trees and seeds.

I'd like to give my business to honest people.
I don't care how big your business is, or how long you've been around.
I still have 20 Finger lime trees to purchase. I also want to purchase Russell River Lime, Sunrise lime, and Blood lime trees.
If you can insure the trees, and include the required certificate, feel free to contact me.

Thank you

I just banned them because they did not respond to this post. If they wish to be unbanned, they can send me an email or  PM through Starling as he appears to know them.

I don't know the sellers themselves personally, but I have bought many trees off them in the past, which have all been very good quality and true. I Have no doubt veiledmaid's experience is accurate however; some of their staff have been unnecessarily short with me in the past.My guess is that the transaction occurred during the switch from ICON to BICON, and the seller was kind of..well,happy to take the money but not so happy to go through the requisite hoop jumping the new protocols for external postage now entails. Or maybe that's not right at all, I don't know. Disappointing either way.

Unfortunately there's really no other vendor which carries the inventory of AFI. It's a monopoly really...not an ideal situation.  There are a few other vendors which sell seedlings, but not grafted trees, in Aus.

I can't defend them based on what I have been told via PM. Veiledmaid really has no reason to fabricate such a thing. I've had similar experiences with some US vendors; some sellers unfortunately deliberately exploit international buyers because it's pretty easy to get away with, especially if the transaction isn't through paypal and not all quarantine protocols have been sufficiently met by both parties.

Not to be argumentative; but unfortunately, I had a bad experience with this seller.

They only sent half of my order, and kept the money for the rest.
I ordered over $400 total, in seeds and trees.

I have given them every opportunity to do the right thing, and either send the remainder of my order, or refund me.

There are other issues as well.
They do not have the best customer service, and were very insulting when I reminded them that they had not sent the rest of my order.

I have yet to see if the trees that they sent are true to the variety that they claim to have sold.

I will say that their shipping was superior to any other method I have seen.
They don't actually send you what you pay for, but what you get is in good condition.

Pm sent, I might be able to help.

I Thank you Millet
Those conditions are so easy to replicate, at least for my purposes.

Please do tell how you plan on creating a pressure stable hermetically sealed super oxygenator for home use.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Abiu not really growing
« on: November 21, 2015, 08:10:13 PM »
Low humidity and the wrong soil can really make abius unhappy.They like fertile soil and lots of water but recover from hardship well and can boom quickly after mulch,fertilizer and water are applied.My 2 year old grafted z4 is 8 feet high and had hundreds of fingernail sized fruit 2 weeks ago,The fruit spotting bugs are picking them off and now there is around 40 jab sabara sized fruit left.This tree has thrived on neglect but wilted badly in dry times dropping leaves and flushing quickly when the rain came.

Alright, low PH and dry winds seem to be the common denominators here. I'll repot them and hit them with PH down.

Is yours growing in shade? They do not seem to be able to handle full sun even with water in the soil--although again, this could be owing to exposure to hot, dry winds.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Wind Storm Snapped The Tops Off my Papayas
« on: November 20, 2015, 07:14:18 PM »
As Jeff & FGM have stated, topping papaya is mostly a good thing.  It's pretty much mandatory here in Aus, because over About 8 feet they become bat food.

Place the bottom half of a plastic soda bottle, or a tin, over the cut-- it will stop re-sprouting at the crown and force the tree to flower lower down.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Abiu not really growing
« on: November 20, 2015, 07:10:31 PM »
That one you gave me starling is doing well, I changed it out of the coir mix and put it straight into a large pot with osmocote rose azalea mix which I have been using for the eugenias and it went Into the shade where its new growth was hit by ful sun. Burnt all the old leaves off and now all new growth is sun hardened and growing really well. The other abius I bought from seed went into same mix and are racing away. They seem to like the bigger pot as that taproot just seems to head south real fast.


is there any reason you chose azalea mix other than the low PH factor? I've got some PH down I could add to my mix. Maybe they don't like direct light, I'll put them in the shade and see what happens.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Macadamia nuts breaker.
« on: November 20, 2015, 02:24:21 AM »
We always used house bricks growing up. Such a yummy mess.


Can't be bothered these days. Have two gigantic trees on the property, nuts go begging every year.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Abiu not really growing
« on: November 19, 2015, 03:13:15 PM »
I have a few different kinds of Abiu, but none are really growing very well. My small plants, which are over a year and a half old and ranging n size from 30-45cm look ratty, grow slowly and seem to be perpetually struggling. They are potted in a really good mix that has proven successful with virtually everything else.

Has anyone in a subtropical climate having similar problems with them, or am I just on my own here?


The off topic section was just going nowhere so I removed it. It was created as a way to keep unrelated topics out of the main discussion but that turned into a bunch of members personally insulting each other and then brining those insults into the main discussion as well.

Anyone posting off topic type of posts in the main discussion will be warned, and then banned.

Good call.  ;) I'll confess to how emotionally aggressive and testy I can get regarding politics and  cults.  There are plenty of venues on the internet to discuss politics, religion, and other controversial topics.  Politics and folks' off topic opinions don't belong in a gardening forum. 

I would like to see a "LIKE" button.  It would shorten many of the threads that have tons of scripted high fives.

A like button sounds like a good idea.

It was the right call. I regret a lot of my behavior in OT, and I've no doubt others do also. It had really turned into a bulletin board of hate by the end. Subjects were no longer discussed but really only served as modicums through which people could fling shit at one another. It was a toxic cycle. The forum is better off without it.

Welcome Aussfingerlmesinternational!

I can vouch for this seller. He's always sent me well grafted, quality trees which have proven true. The best source of finger limes I have experienced.

The Ricks Red pictured is one of two types of a Ricks Red. It's the Daleys version. The original one from Rick Deering has black skinned fruit with vivid red pulp. The Daleys one has brown to red skin with lighter red pulp. The black skinned one is far superior. Got rid of my Daleys Ricks Red.
My Tamborine Lime? Weird name, considering Tamborine is an anglicisation of the local word for finger lime, or the being whose fingers the limes represent. So the Mt Tamborine Lime should be the finger lime. The other lime is the Dooja or Gympie Lime. It's basically looks like a Makrut fruit, on a finger lime tree. Foliage varies wildly, from tiny leaves to leaves 2/3 the size of regular lime trees. Is the mt Tamborine lime the same as the Dooja?

Not the Dooja, or at least markedly different from the the Dooja I am familiar with. Although I wouldn't say I'm an expert on them, I don't even grow a dooja, or even the desert lime anymore. I have 12 finger limes, and that's it for me. It might be a hybrid between a dooja and wild pink caviar finger lime. I'll try and dig up a picture. Aussie citrus was the seller and Mt Tamborine lime is that seller's moniker. The fruit is round, green skinned with pink vesicles--the skin was not the burnished green/brown that I associate with Dooja. I have never seen a Dooja with pink pulp. But given how readily citrus hybridize it's not  huge leap really. although the only finger limes I ever found in the wild had had either yellowish or clear pulp. Never found a true pink one. In any case, aussie citrus claims to be the man on these things, worth a chat with him probably. I had thought about buying ione when the listing came up, but the tree was 45$ before postage, which is too much for something that might have ended p on the compost heap.

I have three things called 'rick's red', one is the daleys one, one is the black skinned type you describe (the skin isn't really black, it's just insanely dark green that looks black) and another is a bright red skinned type that is slender and pointy, which someone else told me is 'scarab red'.  Will the real Rick's Red please stand up?

Who sent them to you? PM.


I dunno. Maybe I might try to make shrub out of some (fruit syrup). Apparently this can be done with all fruits, using vinegar as the preservative.

If you were shipwrecked on  a desert island and only had that jaboticaba for food you would be wolfing them down and loving the taste.... nearly all claims of not liking certain foods are BS and pseudo one upmanship...... Talking generally, not about you.

What a nice yielding tree!

Well, yeah. In that situation I'd probably be snorting them. Starvation is the best sauce.

Jaboticaba wine is extremely sweet and dark. I was gifted a few bottles from a client, I couldn't drink it straight but it was very good for making desserts and the like. Quince boiled in spiced jaboticaba wine was pretty good.


That sounds more like Glühwein to me, a mulled wine that is meant to be drunk hot. They're all over that shit in Germany. Can be quite good if it is very cold outdoors.

A mate at work would metaphorically murder you for a handful of them.
Amazingly, I didn't have any set on my sabara yet, just a bit on the grimal. We haven't had this much rain in spring for, well, ever. So maybe mine just wanted to be a bit drier...

If you send me his details I can send him a box at the price of postage. Or I can send them to you, either way. Believe me, I'm not going to run out of them.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Will the real Ross Sapote reveal itself?
« on: November 10, 2015, 02:28:04 AM »
It's a moist canistel. Main difference is that they are 100x more attractive to bats.

Strikes two and three right there.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Will the real Ross Sapote reveal itself?
« on: November 10, 2015, 01:42:30 AM »
Mike how do these compare to green sapote? Would you rate them as good as these or even mamey? Or are they closer to canistel?

I can at least answer part of your question.  I don't know about the green sapote, but the ross sapote taste very, very much like a canistel.

I think I'll pass in that case. I really don't have room for both, and mamey/GS is definitely nicer than canistel IMO.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Will the real Ross Sapote reveal itself?
« on: November 10, 2015, 01:21:49 AM »
Mike how do these compare to green sapote? Would you rate them as good as these or even mamey? Or are they closer to canistel?

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