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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Wild Plinia Phitrantha?
« on: March 28, 2018, 02:37:59 PM »

Would this species be a wild species of Plinia Phitrantha?
A friend of mine collected these fruits in a forest and according to him the tree is 10 m high, and looks a lot like Plinia Phitranta leaves.
According to him, the fruits were very sweet and tasty, but no more detailed photos were possible because it rained at the time of collection.
Anyone have any ideas on ID?

We followed the work behind collecting dark plinias and without ID!


Available seeds of Eugenia Azeda

Eugenia azeda, common name Ubaia yellow, or Pitanga Feijoa.

It is a yellow fruit with an acidic taste. It reminds you of the taste of the pitanga and feijoa, very fragrant, very delicious to make drinks like Caipirinha, small compact tree, easy to grow, many white flowers, rare opportunity to have seeds at a good price.

About freight, postage prices and etc, save time and see the attached link.

The postings will be held every Thursday because I live far from the city and only have that date to go to the post office.

All posts will follow Tracking Number.

Selling at least 10 seeds.

Price: Eugenia azeda 3 USD

Questions, use pm or send an email to

Thank you

Seeds available from Plinia Grandifolia to Plinia Aureana, material different from what is already outside of Brazil.

Plinia Grandifolia from seeds collected in 2004, Matrix originated from Minas Gerais, what exists outside of Brazil the Matrix are from Rio de Janeiro, then they are different fruits, sweet fruits, similar flavor to Feijoa (Acca Selowiana), excellent pulp / seed, great chance for collectors.

Plinia Aureana, a native type of my region, we do not have a specific name for the variety, very good tasting, lots of water and flavor that resembles a mixture of jabuticaba with Cymbopogon citratus, deliciously refreshing.

About freight, prices of mails and etc, save time and look at the attached link.

The postings will be held every Thursday, because I live far from the city and only have that date to go to the post office.

All posts will follow with Tracking Number.

Selling minimum 10 seeds.

Price: Plinia Grandifolia 5 USD per seed and Plinia Aureana 3 USD per seed. both species required 7 years for first fruits.

Doubts please use pm or email

Thank you

Hello everyone.

Beginning the year with the presentation of a very rare wild plinia of Brazil. Plinia Peruviana, fruits collected at an altitude of 700 m, purple fruits, sides, with creases in the bark that remind me of the cambuca, caulifloros, lightly beige pulp, very sweet, containing one or two seeds inside, similar to regular jabuticabas.

I am dedicating myself to the collection of wild species of plinias and myrciarias, the intention is to preserve these species and verify the conditions of cultivation.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mamey Sapote oil extraction process
« on: October 17, 2017, 03:10:48 PM »
Dear friends.
Does anyone have any experience in extracting Mamey sapote oil for cosmetic use?

I have seen this product on the internet and I believe it has good properties for use in cosmetics, I believe to be similar to Argan seed.

If anyone has seen any information, please help me, because I have on average between 5000 and 10000 mamey seeds a year here on the farm.

Thank you.

Hello friends.

I am offering a small batch of Plinia Peruviana seeds, collector's item, few fruits available and difficult to collect in the forest.
The fruit has a similar flavor to jabuticaba, very sweet and juicy, I believe is ideal for tests and crosses for the formation of new varieties.

Any doubts please, pm.
Shipping will be made briefly.

Price= 10 seeds per USD 50+ Post

We are not responsible for customs problems.

I do not know when I will have this species again, because the matrix is far from my house.

Do not miss a chance to have this rarity in your collection!

More information is described in the attached link.


I have few seeds of this variety, from matrix purchased in E-Jardim Nursery years ago, large fruits and small seeds, delicious, sweet, and very rare variety.
Little by little I'll be selling seeds of these rare jabuticabas.
Minimum sale 10 seeds and price USD 6 each seeds.

The details of the fruit are included in the Book Fruits in Brazil Page 461,


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Please look at the other link
« on: September 20, 2017, 07:24:56 PM »
Please look at the other link

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Posting prices from Brazil to abroad.
« on: August 17, 2017, 07:31:49 PM »
Hello friends,

Many people want to buy seeds from Brazil, but find the prices of Brazilian mail very expensive, I decide to make a quotation of the most requested destinations, USA, Australia, Asia and Europe, the countries are grouped by groups of countries, for example, a quotation For Slovakia, has the same price as a quotation for Spain.

Prices for the USA are similar for other Latin American countries,

1 USD = $ 3.00, just do the conversion.

Sending seeds as a registered letter, or by cheaper freight is the same as throwing the seeds in a toilet bowl and unloading, do not leave Brazil and return to the issuer.

I hope to help friends, because sometimes it seems to me that they doubt the price, thinking that we are wanting to earn $$$ on the value of the post.

These prices refer to weight 0 to 999 grams, higher weights obviously, higher prices

Prešo= Price

Thank you


After 4 years of cultivation, I have a small quantity of seeds for sale of Jabuticaba Rosa de Neck (Long Neck and pink bark).
Very sweet, tiny seeds and fine skin, good productivity for a young tree.
My matrix trees were all acquired from the best Nurseries in Brazil, and I have quality seeds to offer.
Reference: Book Frutas no Brasil, page 461
Just few seeds for sale.. 7 USD per seeds.


We still have for sale some seeds of these two rarities.

Hello friends,

Today I announce one more rare species, a very rare and endemic annonacea of a small strip of rainforest in Rio de Janeiro, Dugetia Riedeliana, or pindaiva rubi, pindaiva sanguinea, fruit very disputed by the fauna, delicious, sweet taste, similar to other Dugetia, But with a unique texture and coloration between the annonas.

Tree from 8 to 12 in height, bright leaves and great fruit production.

Unique chance to buy fresh seeds harvested on August 8, 2017

Only a few seeds for sale, who I had interest, please pm


Eugenia Villae Novae Kiaerksk , Rarely Eugenia from Brazil
Hello friends,
Today I am divulged a rare and endemic Eugenia, native of the state of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, tree of very restricted occurrence only two collection sites and we had access to one of them, Species considered vulnerable to extinction, until recently, only known By Exsicatas of the XIX century, finally rediscovered.
The tree is very close to grumixama (Eugenia Brasiliensis), but a little smaller, produces many fruits between 2 and 3 cm in diameter with fleshy pulp and orange color when ripe, taste very refined, similar to papaya papaya, always sweet.
The seeds germinate easily, I received seeds of this species in January of this year and already have seedlings with 30 cm.
There are two types of Eugenia, with small leaves and large leaves as the photo attached, the tree is very rustic, always occurring in dry and solitary places, for example example of the photo, if it is cut, will be an extinction, photo 3, Was not very clear, but to observe the abundance of immature fruits in the treetop, fruit hard to harvest according to my friend's account, because it is eagerly consumed by the fauna.
Attached is a report describing the species according to
We have a limited amount of seeds of this rarity for sale, whoever has interest please contact us by pm.
Help us preserve this species, before it recedes again!
Noble item, which can not miss in any collection of myrtaceas.
thank you
Alexandre Neles

Hello my friends.

Sale of seeds of the species, rubiacea rare and endemic of small areas of restinga of Brazil, description in the attached link.

Shipping next week, price 3 USD per seed, minimum sale 10 seeds + shipping cost.

I am not responsible for problems with the customs of your country, if you have import certificate please send me at the time of purchase.

Hello friends,

Today I received seeds of an interesting plant native to the Restingas of Brazil, Melanopsidium nigrum Colla, a rubiacea, visually very similar to Albertia Edulis (PuruÝ), shrubs between 2 and 3 in height, yellow fruits and sweet taste, and I believe that Can make all the recipes we make with Genipa Americana (genipapo), but the fruit is sweet. The fruits are similar to a pitangtuba.

I believe it is a toning fruit, and by its discretion, it can be grown in pots, I have 3 seedlings in cultivation with 1 year of age and 1 m, not feeling at all the winter here on the farm.

The trees in the restinga, are restricted to a small area that will soon be dismantled to build a port. Brazil has an incredible biodiversity, and we always have new species unique and endemic to share and preserve!

To friends who are interested in seeds, please send me pm.



Annona SP, annonacea collected here in the region, Zona da Mata Leste of the State of Minas Gerais, looks like Annona Cacans, but the tree is totally different, the flavor also does not remember anything, has a soft taste and smell of pineapple.

I think it's a new species, we find only 3 trees.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Dugetia Lanceolata , pics, fruits and tree
« on: February 07, 2017, 04:28:53 PM »
Hello friends, Fruit of Duguetia Lanceolata of the season, many people have never seen the fruit, here are the photos.

Thank you.


Few seeds avaliable, sweet and smell annona, small tree 1 m high, easy grow in pot.

$ 3 per seeds

Minimum order 10 seeds.


There are still few seeds left.

Very sweet fruit, flavor soursop+melon, fruits after 5 years, easy grow in pot.

$ 5 per seeds.

Pm please.

I decided to dismember the posts, my ermine was confused!

I will offer the species individually

minimum order:10 seeds


Seeds avaliable now:

$ 5 per seeds

Variety: Branca vinho.

Very sweet, small seeds, and thin shell, precoces fruits after 4 years old.

There are several varieties of Plinia phitrantha, this one is different from the others.

Please pm.

Hello friends.

I still have seeds of Annona dioica, Mouriri Grandifolia, and Pouteria Macrocarpa.

I was traveling during this week, sorry for the delay to respond to the messages pm.

Such as :

Annona spinescens, rare orange pulp annona, delicious, First fruiting here on the farm.
Alatococcus siqueirae, a delightful nut from the Sapindacea family, very rare and endemic in regions of southeastern Brazil.Similar flavour macadamia nut orBrazilian nut, easy grow.
Eugenia ligustrina, sweet and small tree.
Campomanesia guazumifolia, sweet and big fruits
Campomanesia schelechtendaliana, sweet and big fruits
Campomanesia guabiroba
Annona montana
Annona coriacea
Byrsonima coccolobifolia
Plinia Edulis
Plinia  phitrantha
Eugenia speciosa
Cordiera sessilis
Annona cacans

Annona cornifolia, the seeds for sale are over, but by the end of February I will have new ones, because I have immature fruits.

And other species, which are now beginning to bear fruit on my farm.

I will post the photos during this weekend.

Thank you

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Information about mangifera , name Rampagne
« on: January 24, 2017, 07:19:39 AM »
Hello friends,

In a list of mangiferas, I found this name Rampagne, but I do not know the scientific name, someone in the forum knows this species?

Are you in cultivation?
Any photos or information on the taste and size of the fruit?
Is it resistant to anthracnose?

Thank you for the informations!

Hello friends,

New rare seeds:

Annona dioica
Annona Cornifolia
Mouriri Grandifolia
and Persea americana var drymifolia, Flavour star anise , very rare types;;...

interested pm

Pouteria macrocarpa few seeds yet.

Hello Friends!

Today I picked the first ripe fruits of this species, the pulp is very similar to the common grumixama, but is a little sweeter.

The fruits are 15 mm in diameter, white flowers and well scented.

Another fruiting species here on the farm.

Christmas photos,

After long search in several different places, we ran many miles until we located a tree with fruits, because the other trees that I know did not fruits this year, I was able to find a Myrciaria Glomerata (red Cabeluda) with fruits, the fruits possess Sweet flavor, yellowish pulp, very interesting, the trees have on average 4 m in height.
The seeds I will use to make my seedlings and a good part I intend to reintroduce in nature, because the tree is rare and must be threatened with extinction.
Rares Pics.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTD-Okari Nut and Cut Nut
« on: November 21, 2016, 11:13:15 AM »
Hi Friends,

I'm in the final collection phase to complete my collection.

And I decided to try these two nuts, whoever has these seeds for sale, please pm.

I know they are giant seeds, but I'll try anyway!

I'm also interested in any other type of nuts, these trees have become my hobby now!

Thank you

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