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In the unfurling flood disaster. My thoughts are with you.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Unknown fruit, ID needed
« on: December 06, 2015, 02:29:12 AM »
No idea what this is. Fruit, which may or may not be non-ripe, is very hard. Neither looks nor smells like something I'd like to put in my mouth. Any guesses? I'm looking at you Mike T.
Came across t growing out of a creek bank while searching for my dog who, in keeping with his general trend of bastardry escaped yet again today.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Well, this is a brow-lifter
« on: December 06, 2015, 01:50:08 AM »
White sapote pepsi is a real thing, apparently. Can't say white sapote would be my first pick for a novelty pepsi flavor.
However if mangosteen pepsi does happen, I will probably become a certified land whale before a month is out.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Abiu not really growing
« on: November 19, 2015, 03:13:15 PM »
I have a few different kinds of Abiu, but none are really growing very well. My small plants, which are over a year and a half old and ranging n size from 30-45cm look ratty, grow slowly and seem to be perpetually struggling. They are potted in a really good mix that has proven successful with virtually everything else.

Has anyone in a subtropical climate having similar problems with them, or am I just on my own here?

Picked a few kilograms today for friends and colleagues, I don't eat them. Tree is utterly neglected and hasn't been fertilized in over a decade or more. The crop you see here is replicated whenever I get a decent amount of rainfall.


Recipes / Obscenely delicious looking Jalapeno popper recipe from ebay
« on: November 06, 2015, 11:11:34 PM »
Found on ebay:

1 (8oz.) package cream cheese (softened)
24 small jalapeno chilis
1 cup grated Cheddar
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
1 cup all-purpose flour   
2 large eggs, beaten   
1 cup plain bread crumbs   
Salt and pepper   

Wearing rubber gloves, cut a slice (slit) down the center of the jalapeņos with a paring knife and remove seeds. Leave stems intact.

In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, Cheddar and cilantro, and mix well. Fill half of jalapeņos generously with cheese mixture; top each stuffed chili half with an empty chili half.

Warm 2 inches of oil in a large skillet over mediumhigh heat until it reaches 375°F.

Arrange 3 bowls on a counter. Place flour in one, eggs in another and bread crumbs in third. One at a time, dip chilis in flour, then eggs, letting excess drip off. Roll each chili in bread crumbs to coat. (Chilis can be made several hours ahead up to this point. Cover and refrigerate.)

Fry a few peppers at a time in hot oil until golden brown, 3 to 5 minutes. Drain on paper towels. Return oil to 375°F before beginning next batch. Serve warm.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Eugenia reinwardtiana setting fruit well
« on: November 06, 2015, 07:04:19 PM »
This mature plant was a gift from a friend, and is setting heavily. Fruit are very good, one of the best, if not the best native Australian Fruit for eating fresh out of hand. No sign of myrtle rust as of yet.

Should have a good amount of seed to trade.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pitangatuba; Believe the hype.
« on: October 29, 2015, 12:23:22 AM »

Was privileged to try a pitangatuba fruit for the first time today.

Now, I don't usually like Eugenias--at all. I looked at the fruit and thought 'This is just going to be like a big E. Uniflora and I'm going to hate  it'.

Not so. Pitangatuba is a very, very good fruit. It is the first Eugenia I have ever truly enjoyed, and I would definitely grow several trees.

I have seen videos where people describe the taste as something  like passionfruit/peach. These flavors were present ( mot prominently passionfruit)   but the fruit I tried (which was over ripe and a little damaged, to be fair) tasted strongly of mango. I actually can't believe nobody has reported this was very, very noticeable to me.
Incredibly juicy. My only criticism is that the fruit I tried  was somewhat stringy--again, this could have been because the fruit was turning. Good amount of sugar, nice level of acid.

My verdict: 8/10. A very good fruit that is absolutely worth growing--and this is coming from a confirmed non-eugenia fan.


A true superfood/superfruit. There is not known a fruit with a higher concentration of vitamin C. More antioxidants than blueberries, high natural fat content. Can be freeze dried and powdered to add to muesli bars, or to be used a sauce. Clinically  proven, very strong antibacterial properties. High in ellagic and gellagic Acids, some of the few natural compounds  actually proven to combat cancer. A very prized and relied upon food source of indigenous people for over 40,000 years in the top end. Seed is also edible and is a great tasting nut. The fruit itself is piquant with a good taste something like powdered pear, but there is little of it.

You can read more about them here:

I have 25 seeds. They are from a remote part of Australia and are not easy to get. PM with trade offer.

hymenaea courbaril, that is.

Will a single tree set on its own?

Fruit forming now:

Crimson tide
pink ice
sunshine yellow
byron sunrise
red centre lime
Rick's red

PM to reserve with trade offer. I do not sell seeds, and trade only. Please note at this stage whatver fruit have set are between 2-10mm only. At least two months before seed will be ready to harvest.

Disclaimer: Members I have not traded with previously will need to advance trade. When I receive something from you, I will post seeds in return. If you're not comfortable with this, that's fine, but please do not PM me unnecessarily.


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