Author Topic: Wanted Apples scion and others for exchange or buy  (Read 1222 times)


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Wanted Apples scion and others for exchange or buy
« on: January 13, 2020, 08:56:44 PM »
If anyone has these varieties for trade or sale, or knows someone I can buy or trade with.

I'm looking for apples scionwood.
Ginger gold, Rouville, Arkansas black, Cornish gilliflower, Gloria mundi, American beauty, Husk spice, Pumpkin sweet,Virginia beauty and Spice of old Virginia

I'm looking for plums scionwood.
Sapa, Kahinta, Opata

I'm looking for cold hardy persea americana (avocado) scionwood.
Fantastic ( and seeds ), Poncho, Joey, Brogdon and Golden

And seeds
Castanea spicata seeds
Diospyros texana seeds
Annona stenophylla seeds
Persea schiedeana seeds
And Annona neosalicifolia and Annona ubatubensis seeds

I can offer several varieties of apples in exchange:
Reinette clochard, Drap d'or, Court pendu gris, Coeur de boeuf, Pigeonnet de Jérusalem, Reinette ananas, Ramane, Patte de loup, Gala, Calville rouge d'automne, Honeycrisp .
This is only a part of the varieties that I can offer in exchange, I have several varieties of blood apples, pears, plums, figs and others.
The list being bigger I would give it in PM .

Those who are interested but have nothing to offer I can sell according to stock at 5 dollars per scion shipping not included.

Of course I can buy but preferably if we can exchange it's not bad.
Best regards

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Re: Wanted Apples scion and others for exchange or buy
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2020, 02:36:26 PM »
This link sends to my list of fruit trees I have.

This link directs to a site only reserved for exchange.
So please passed in PM here for scion purchase requests.

Varieties that can be used after checking at the orchard for this year are:
Malus or apple

Callville rouge d'automne
Callville ananas de liège
Court pendu gris
Hall's pink
Pigeonnet de Jérusalem
Reine de reinette
Reinette ananas
Reinette grise du canada
Reinette clochard
Patte de loup
Roter mond ( lune rouge or red moon )
Rose d'Helnut
Malus siversii Tian Shan

Pyrus pear

Belle Angevine
Bonne louise D'avranches
Duc de Bordeau
Williams rouge

Prunus plum

Mirabelle de metz
Mirabelle de nancy
Mirabelle parfumée de septembre
Quetsche d'alsace
Reine Claude dorée
Reine Claude violette
Reine claude Oullins
My own hybrid : Prunus cerasifera x Reine Claude violette

Mespilus germanica ( néflier d'allemagne )

Brown Turkey
Madeleine 2 saisons
longue d'Aout

For EU members the exchange (or other) will be very fast, for members outside the union I would look on a case-by-case basis according to the State rules of each member.

We can plan to talk about it as early as this year for an exchange or other next year and I would arrange to get all the authorizations for a safe exchange perfectly respecting the rules by having the phyto certificate and other documents.
If I can get permissions faster I'll let you know.

For those who wish not to make an exchange in the rules this can be done as early as this year but I could not be responsible for a confiscation by the customs service.
In any case sends them will all achieve with tracking number as proof of additional send.
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Re: Wanted Apples scion and others for exchange or buy
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2020, 05:40:43 PM »
Are you interested in apricot Xplum hybrid,best tasting ,better than any ,plum or apricot.It has no name as a cultivar .Taste is 50/50 plum and apricot and a lot sweeter than any plum or any apricot.I also have a pear that makes pears with pink flesh,small fruits in clusters( you have this in France too).
Id like pecan scions and pink pearl apple( american) scions if you have them.
Also im interested in pawpaw variety scions.


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