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Any growers there that might suggest farmers markets - fruit markets? 


It's almost November and we made it through the wet season. 

We here in East Central Florida were fortunate enough to have Hurricane Ian's worst rain go to our north, but we had weeks of heavy rain before the event.  So it was soggy-root season and the plants started to show the warning signs of pythium root rot.  One of the countermeasures I took earlier this summer was to dig 6" below the pots and place crushed stone to assist in drainage.  Soil was also amended with plenty of pebble and perlite to aid in drainage.  Leaf 'white spot' at this point is on the decline... so good signs.  As usual practice, going forward until spring... the foliar feeding gets cut back by half.  And the mild fungicide (Captan) inoculation is complete as well.  Looking forward to dormant season and then the increase in basil ratoons/slips and flowering.  I just hope we can get through winter without a freeze warning.  Frost is shelter in place with blankets and, ...if required, ...Christmas lights under the blankets to keep the plants warm.  But a freeze warrants all 50 pots going into shelter, which is a back-breaker.  The good news is we're close enough to the Atlantic that cold fronts aren't normally very intense. LOL just jinxed myself.

Here are some shots from the collection as last year's slips are maturing and new items are in the ground and thriving.  Exeption: Manzana, which has had some trouble getting from tissue culture plantlet to first year plant.  Suspect: Phytophthora.  The 2 plants are in the infirmary (j/k) ... out of the direct sunlight and sheltered... and improving after pest and fungus treatments.  I caught it early. 

Sarawak is inbound and will hopefully be in the collection shortly. 

Cheers all,

Here's my last update on Pineapple.  Please reach out if you're interested however - I'll sell until all is gone. 

$10 each slip/pup.  Customer pays postage. 

Please contact me before you place an order to make sure someone hasn't cleaned out what I have.  Also, I'll need your zip or address to estimate postage. 

Thanks to all who've participated, I've sent you tracking info in your TFF messages.

Abacaxi 4
Smooth Cayenne 5
Sawit 5
Cheesepine 6 (Big slips)
Cayenne Hilo 2 (Big slips as well)
White Jade 1
Brazilian Red 5
Red Spanish 6
Dellerman Gold (Coconut MD2 hybrid) Sold OUT
Queen Natal Sold OUT

Thanks Everyone.  Happy Growing. 

Sebastian Pineapple Ranch:  Propagation of Rare and Interesting Pineapple

Hello everyone.  Orders from 7/18 and morning of 7/19 cleared and members emailed with confirmation.

Totals available updated for those still interested:

Abacaxi: 6
Smooth Cayenne 5
Sawit: 8
Cayenne Hilo: 3
White Jade Sold out
Queen Natal: Sold out
Dellerman Gold (coconut tasting MD2 hybrid) Sold Out

Brazilian Red: 7
Red Spanish: 9

All plant material healthy, viable pups and slips. 
All cultivars from reliable growers or USDA ARS Hilo Office
$10 per plant slip or pup, the buyer also pays shipping.  $10 goes towards offsetting the growing costs.
PLEASE email to confirm quantities are still available before placing your order to prevent confusion/so that I can meet expectations. :)

Sebastian Pineapple Ranch Mission Statement:  Provide growers with interesting pineapple germplasam - propagation of rare pineapple cultivars.

Thank you all.


Hi everyone -
Fruiting is done for the year and I have some pineapple material I'm selling to cover growing costs here at the Sebastian Pineapple Ranch. 

As usual, $10.00 a slip or pup - customer pays shipping/postage.  Consider 2 in case one doesn't take.

I try to provide healthy, well established material from confirmed Pineapple cultivars.  Sources are trusted growers or the USDA ARS Hilo Office. 

NOTE: I have limited quantities that I will list: To manage expectations and avoid confusion, Please CONFIRM I still have material before placing your order.

I ship USPS Priority domestically.  If you want material shipped offshore - we need to discuss carrier, cost, liability if items get picked up by customs.

Here's what I have in the form of slips and pups:
Dellerman Gold MD2 Cultivar: Sold Out
Queen Natal: Sold Out
Abacaxi - Nice variant: 7
Smooth Cayenne: 7
Sawit: 7
Cheesepine: 7
Cayenne Hilo - GREAT plant!: 6
White Jade (this cultivar looks a lot like Monte Lirio): 4
Brazilian Red (bractatus cultivar: Large Plants - beautiful): 7
Red Spanish (This plant produced a large fruit with 11 large pups): 11

Thanks everyone - Happy Growing!

Some images from the garden for those who enjoy pineapple.  Temps are getting warmer and the growing process is kicking back in.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Sharing Pic For Pineapple Fanatics…
« on: March 18, 2022, 03:58:50 PM »
I think this is the largest Pineapple fruit i’ve ever come across. Granted, … its freaky looking. LOL

Thought I’d share.  I believe this was in Malaysia.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Giant Paun Pineapple - Pics
« on: March 17, 2022, 04:16:16 PM »
The first pick of the season. Giant Paun.

Tip of the hat to Brad Spaugh - thanks again.

I thought I'd upload some images of the garden as it stands.  2 strong cold fronts and an unusually wet winter and all plants including the small starters (Cabazona, Monte Lirio, Pernambuco) from USDA have survived.  No casualties, but some of the larger plants had some crushed leaves due to the tarps that had to be deployed on the nights where frost was imminent.  This winter also spawned some disease and mold - so all plants received a light dose of Captan. 2 or 3 lost some root mass due to wet feet.  I'm pleased by the number of fruiting plants.  The images in order I tried to upload:  Pineapple sign from trip to Puerto Rico Pineapple Express/Lajas) to study commercial growing, Red Spanish pups, Sawit, Smooth Cayenne, Abacaxi, Dellerman Gold, Queen Natal pups, Maisie Wonder Cat, Queen Natal 1, Queen Natal 2, Abacaxi, Antigua Black (USDA recipient 8 months), Cayenalisa (Florida, Puerto Rico at 6 months), MD2, MD2, Josepine, Cheesepine, Cayenne Hilo, Cheesepine, MD2, MD2, Red Spanish pups, Smooth Cayenne, Sawit Slips, Dellerman Gold (Sebastian, FL), Brazilian Red, Brazilian Red, Kuai White Sugaloaf (Hole in the Mountain Farm).


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Queen Natal Pineapple Slips/Suckers
« on: February 14, 2022, 11:57:44 AM »
I have a batch of Queen Natal Pineapple Slips for sale.  These are from 2 plants that were provided by USDA ARS - grown over 3 years.  Beautiful plants - strong coloring.  Both are currently fruiting.  Good stock.
$20.00 for 2 plus postage.  Ship dry root - USPS.

Thanks everyone.

Brett - Sebastian Pineapple Ranch. TXT 772.663.8615

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Can Anyone ID This Passion Flower?
« on: April 18, 2021, 10:06:20 PM »
Growing wild in east central Florida. 


I’m a grower looking specifically for Abacaxi, Pernambuco, Cabezona pineapple starting material. 

Any leads appreciated - thank you!

Does anyone know of a source for Antigua Black Pineapple slips or pups?

Search has led to dead ends. Any direction or leads appreciated

Thx -!

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