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I thought some might be interested in looking at the archives of Rare Fruit Australia, dating from 1980 to the recent past. They have been digitised and made free to all interweb fruitists:

There is heaps of info in here!  ;D

Hi BMc,

Thanks for posting!!! This link has loads of info on fruit trees!!! Awesome ;D ;D ;D

Come on, that is too much input! It will take years to read all this articles...  ;D

Thanks for sharing  :)

Above link is now dead. Archives now moved to a more permanent site:

Mike T:
 Dow, Lee, P1, P3, P36 and unnamed ones were in that selection at Kamerunga. Lee is a big green one that can be a little yellow I think but not like that in the pic and bigger also.Sibabat was the star of the show and I know some lines have bigger fruit. The similarity of some of the blacks especially early in ripening makes me think they are just variations of sibabat also. I saw an unuasual red one at Alan Carle's place but the yellow is an eye catcher.


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