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Best wax apple variety

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Whats the best variety of wax apple? Sweetness, size, flavor etc? I picked up a few red ones at a local Asian market and they were a nice little snack, they didnít have seeds though and i want to grow some. Will probably post a wtb later

Mike T:
They don't have seeds and vary just a bit in taste between varieties. I have red, purple,green. white and orange types and the red is the only one old enough to fruit. They marcot very easily.

The sweetest wax apple i have is thai wax jumbo green cultivar.  Its very sweet for me.

"Kecil" is one that I got from Frankie in Hawaii, it has a nice sweet taste and produces a lot of fruit.

Supposedly, this variety is the latest and greatest but Iíve never tasted it so I canít confirm.


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