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Grafting Wax Jambu and Rose Apple on Syzygium australe?

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I was wondering about this and talked with Mark about it today, and wanted to ask the forum: Syzygium australe is a common ornamental tree in California and it grows well in most of the state with little care. Wax Jambu, Rose Apple, and Jamun on the other hand sometimes struggle a bit in some parts of the state.

Has anyone tried grafting the better fruited Syzygium species on Syzygium australe?

i think it's been attempted, but i don't think it worked...

Mike T:
They are not closely related really and those species are very easy to marcot anyway.

I see, interesting. My thinking of using Syzygium australe as rootstock is to impart cold hardiness / improved growth. But maybe other Syzygium species would be better rootstock (if more closely related) -- lots of options in that genus.

Hey Barath, I grafted wax jambu scions from Mark L. onto my rose apple about a month ago no pushing yet but we have been cool here. Rose apples here have died back 30yrs ago but now don't even get leaf burn in Winters here so, you should be fine with it as a rootstock and they are pretty vigorous.


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