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Thanks so much!  That is a relief, mites I can handle!  I am not sure its an active infestation, as after wiping the leaves I haven't found any evidence... but I will be washing them, treating wtih azamax (neem+), and bringing them indoors tonight.  Cheers!!

Is it possibly mite damage?  I was able to find similar photos that mentioned mites.   It's so strange ... the pattern looks like variegation on an otherwise normal leaf (no curling, spots, etc).  Spider might damage on aroids (that I am familiar with) is not so pronounced.   really eager to hear what the experts think.

Thank you - I just looked it up.  These leaves haver very erratic patterns, that don't appear too similar to the photos I've found on Google.  I fear it may be a citrus variety of mosaic, which would be awful... but thankfully I have not brought them indoors yet where they are exposed to my other citrus.

Any other ideas?

Just acquired 3 beautiful Meyer Lemon trees from a gentlemen who has been growing them for about 10-15 years.  He had a lot of citrus, many seed grown (these were not).   Two of the trees have what looks like variegation on the leaves, but its not truly variegated.  The gentlemen I bought them from thought it was a result of over-doing it with citrus fertilizer.   It doesn't look like its burnt to me, but I am still a citrus novice.  I do grow a lot of aroids, though, and this discoloration in an aroid woudl raise concerns about virus, especially Mosaic.

Any ideas?  Not all leaves are this way, and I can't really discern a patter (new growth vs. old growth, etc).  You'll notice in the photos that some leaves on the the same branch alternate the discoloration.  Any help or guidance is appreciated!  I've spent last night researching citrus illnesses and can't say I've found any smoking gun.  Thanks in advance.

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