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I'll likely be reaching out to you here soon. Figure out if we can do business together. I would do the shipping and I'd assume you do the hosting on your site. Will be both live plants/cuttings/rhizomes and seeds. Are you ready to start up here soon?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: pitomba
« on: May 11, 2023, 08:29:14 AM »
I'd definitely be interested in getting some too especially if I could try a few fruits in the process.

Does anyone in the states have a rhizome of this to buy or trade for?

Thanks! DG

What about trusted members drop shipping live plants for you. You host the website with the pics and such and make the sales keeping whatever percentage of profits and relay the orders to whichever member actually has whatever plants. The shipper maybe providing the plant pics and quantities available for sale etc. I used to drop ship for World Seed Supply. Seemed like it was working for both parties. I was getting paid so it was working for me at least.

Edit: just saw drop shipping was already a thought going on.

Are you into other seeds besides fruit? There are times that I harvest thousands of seeds for various herbs and veggies. As an example I probably harvested in the realm of 10-20k roselle seeds this past year. Sold quite a lot already but still have thousands upon thousands. As an experienced gardener and seed saver I know when seeds are ready and viable or not just looking at them. Everything completely done by hand on my own land. Never resale anything. I wouldn't mind the recognition on a site like you propose but it's not 100% necessary for me. If you bought a big lot they are now yours as far as I'm concerned and you can market them therefore however you prefer. The transparency of where everything came from and such too isn't a bad idea though and would help get exposure for someone like myself that now lives entirely off my homestead endeavors. I need as much exposure and furthermore sales as I can find at this time. Mouths to feed, bills, and ducks, turkeys, rabbits, chickens, and other animals as well to feed. Perhaps even cows here soon we hope.

Anyways let me know what all you want to offer. I harvest everything from culinary herbs, wild medicinal herbs, wild traditional veggies like poke sallet, chickasaw plum seeds, American persimmon seeds, etc, etc. If you expand into dried products I even forage turkey tail mushrooms, chanterelles, and such too. If I can atleast get large quantities of my seeds out there to people who want to grow them that's all that matters. More useful species in more places being grown with purpose is the real food and medicine security our world needs right now.

I've got Everglades tomato. I still need to send you Roselle seeds and cranberry hibiscus too.

Never got a pm from you. Try again whenever.

Thank you for the feedback!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Mulberries for trade or sale
« on: April 02, 2023, 01:35:27 PM »
If you have any rooted plants after everyone else is served let me know what you got. We could probably trade or whatever if I have anything you want.

Living my dream, seriously. That's exactly what I want to be doing, I've just got to figure my way into a decent property. Until I do, half the work I put into my little yard just feels like practice.
Where are you located?

I'm in Wewahitchka, FL. Tiny little town with not much here. I'm on the outskirts too off a main road but otherwise entirely isolated from stores and such.

Lots of chaya cuttings available. Split leaf and maple leaf chaya. Both are edible cooked. Maple leaf is probably best for eating but the split leaf flowers and attracts butterflies. 3 cuttings for $6 plus applicable shipping.


Breaking up lots of canna edulis today. Good time to snag some rhizomes! Hit me up!

Still got bunches of these available. Hit me up!

Ya just can't stop getting more stuff. I feel the same. If it grows well and it's food or medicine I want it here. I really have a collection beyond my control but it keeps me on my toes for sure. I now do the plant nursery thing full time. Hopefully that'll help me keep up. Potted up a ton of stuff today. Still planning on doing more. Labour of love though. All I wanna do is screw with plants in my own yard all day and live off my efforts. A bit scary fully relying on myself now but hell I already made $140 just today having two people stop by. It's highly variable though. I could make $500 in a weekend or <$50 in a whole week. Don't have a ton of expenses though. My place is fully paid off.

 Grow lots of my own food. Fully meat self sufficient but I rely on store bought feeds mostly though. Should pull up around 200-300 pounds of potatoes this year. Still gotta get sweet potatoes in too though. Got around 80lbs of regular potatoes last year and 65lbs of sweet potato. Hope to at least double or triple both those this year.

I got ya man. Not sure there's tubers under them now but can at least send you the plant parts.

I have some but they need time for the canes to harden off. They freeze back yearly here. Have a bunch sprouting up now but only like 2ft tall at this time.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: OYSTERNUTS WANTED! :)
« on: March 26, 2023, 06:16:10 PM »
That's an interesting plant. Hadn't heard of this before. Hope you find some.

Ark Herb Farm I believe is in Costa Rica. They might have kava but if not lots of other cool species including entheogenic species.

See that this place was already mentioned now. Hope you found some kava for your gardens.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Feijoa Scion for Trade
« on: March 06, 2023, 03:06:54 PM »
What varieties have the largest sweetest fruit if you know that is?

I've got raja puri bananas. After our huge freeze this year they are pretty beat up. Hopefully a few nice pups will come up this spring. If they do I can send off a few.

Temperate Fruit Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Low chill stone fruit scions
« on: February 08, 2023, 10:40:44 AM »
Hey Brad are all these varieties still available or is it too late?

I would like an order please
Send me a pm whenever you are ready

How do these taste when cooked?

They really don't taste too far off a white potato when roasted. An ever so slight hint of minty flavor but very minute. At the base of a cutting you'll get one larger tuber or a few decent sized tubers and lots of tiny ones in most cases. I've had them form egg sized tubers in a 4 inch pot but the more space you give them is better. Usually if kept in a small pot like that you'll just get a bunch of smaller tubers. Can be anywhere from one large with a few small to 2-10 small tubers. Most will be around marble sized if kept in small containers.

African potato mint tubers available for sale or trade. 5 tubers for $6 plus applicable shipping costs. Tubers vary in size but most will be around marble size. They do get bigger significantly  to the size of an egg or so if given enough space. However the smaller ones are what I'm selling. Hit me up!

Thanks! DG

Spiderwort plants available for sale or trade. 5 live plants for $7 plus applicable shipping charges. Spiderwort is edible but it's also a pretty blue purplish flower that bees really love. Good ornamental in a flower bed too. Perennial and cold hardy though it may freeze down above zone 7-8. Hit me up!

Thanks! DG

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