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Hi Everyone,
Since this is a new forum I think we should have an introductory post for old and new members alike.


I am the GM of a diesel repair shop in WPB, Florida.  My hobbies include, walking around my yard aimlessly looking a each leaf of every living plant in my yard, pest and disease control of my plants, fertilizing my plants, explaining to my neighbors why I talk to my plants, explaining to my family why I talk to my plants, and seeking out new places in my yard that require additional plants in the ground...

I also enjoy working on the computer (thus the forum and other web ventures), and Charter Boat fishing from time to time.

I truly love tropical fruit growing, and honestly enjoy the growing more than the eating.  Sometimes the challenge of growing new things and being sucessful is the best part!

Those who know me say I am kind and very well organized, a good father and provider, and a little obsessive/compulsive.

I respect all Religious beliefs..

I am not political at all..

I'm a Biology major student at Broward College(planning on becoming an Optometrist).  I have two hobbies.
The first one is growing tropical fruits. I've always had a deep passion for tropical fruit trees since I was a toddler.

I'm also a Ford guy, which leads me to my second hobby. I have lots of knowledge about ford mustangs, especially for years ranging 1979-1993. 
I also like classic muscle cars whether it's a chevy, chrysler, ford, pontiac, etc... 

Hello folks!
My name is Berto and I have a small collection of rare fruit trees in Fort Myers, Florida.  I grew up in tropical Brazil and I enjoy growing and eating tropical and subtropical fruits.

As they say, admitting is the first step...with that being said, my name is Rob and I am a tropicaholic  :-[

Since I recognize you from the other place, I think most, or all, or you know me.



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