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I will be adding to this FAQ over time and I will include a link to a post that answers the question if it cannot be answered in one or two sentences in the FAQ.

1)How do I care for a mail order tree?

2)What type of potting mix should I use?

3)What are everyone's top 5 tropical fruits?

4)What are the best books on tropical fruits?

5)What are the best websites for tropical fruit information?

6)How do you "pug" a tree?

7)Which variety of sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) should I plant?

8)Where can I buy tropical fruit tree seeds online?

9)How do I fertilize my fruit tree?

10)How do I label my trees?

11)What is wrong with my mango tree?

12)Where can I buy tropical fruit online?


To change the color of the font of a new message or reply from the light grey to black, click the little "Toggle View" button which is the furthest button to the right in the row above the smileys row. We have to thank Oscar for figuring this one out.

Before starting a new topic, please check use the search box to see if the there is already a topic on the subject. Also, please be descriptive in the subject field to avoid ambiguity.

To embed a youtube video, simply post the URL in the body of your post and the video will automatically embed and be viewable after you submit your post.

To post a picture:

* Above the "smileys", click the button the furthest to the left and it will give you "img/img" (but with brackets) and you paste your URL to your image from your own hosting such as picasa or photobucket.To display what zone you are in, go to your profile settings and add your city, state, and zone into the "custom title" box.

Here is the USDA plant hardiness zone map:

You can click on Member Map in the menu to see where members are located. At the bottom of the member map is a link for you to add your own 'pin' to the map. That link takes you to your profile where you can ad a pin.

what do you do if you are in PR at a deserted mountain top garden and you relalize you have lost your car rental keys

Sheehan's guide to FAQs:

Q:(Insert question...?)

A: Use google.

Gerry, I wish I had an answer to that questions two years ago.

Well, I am hoping now with a forum with sticky's and FAQs I wont have to tell everyone to use google lol. Let's see how well that works out.


--- Quote from: Squam256 on January 14, 2012, 05:26:11 PM ---Sheehan's guide to FAQs:

Q:(Insert question...?)

A: Use google.

--- End quote ---
you forgot to add, "use the forum search feature"  ;D


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