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Hello everyone,
welcome to the PGA also known as the Psidium Growers Association. These last few years have been filled with new varieties of psidiums, but due to their spot in the meta, there is not much discussion covering these plants. I'm starting this thread to document, discuss, and derive ways to classify, grow, and learn about psidiums (especially the new ones).
I'll go first - here's my psidium eugeniafolia (it is synonym with myrtoides I belive). I've just found a couple flower buds on it so it looks promising. They are fast growers! This one went from a half gallon to a 7 gallon pot rootbound in a year.

Some other interesting psidiums in my collection but not pictured are sartorianum and longipetiolatum.



--- Quote from: K-Rimes on March 16, 2023, 05:08:23 PM ---
Pretty sure this is myrtoides, it got severely burnt by snow. The bottom is still fine but don't know how the top will fair.

Orange flesh guajava again, burnt back hard by the snow and frost. I suspect I will lose about 1' on each branch.

Psidium sp, that FancyPlantsLA calls Skittles and Marcos calls Araza Banana? It legitimately tastes like skittles. I have two. This one has not produced but it grows way faster than my other that makes lots of fruit

--- End quote ---

I like guava in general and want to collect more. I also have a strawberry, lemon, long leaf, guienense, wrinkle leaf (named after a collector I can't recall Jose Jimenez?) and several others I can't recall.

I have all 4 of Marcos' small ones (pera, banana, johvy, morango), still hoping the fruit are different, but the plants are so similar. His hybrid araza is different for sure. Also growing longipetiolatum, robustum, the orange-fleshed P. guavaja Bellamy was selling from HapaJoe, and a eugeniaefolia somewhere between the size of your two's. And just planted some of these

Your Araza banana looks fantastic. Eugeniaefolia is the most cold-sensitive of mine, except maybe P. guavaja, don't know yet. I had two about 2 ft tall and 3 ft wide, but the frost hit them hard last winter (a year ago), and one hasn't really ever recovered. The other one's about back to its previous size. No flowers on any of these yet. Your eugeniaefolia is actually flowering at that size Ryan?? I must need to fertilize more or something.

Doesn't Marcos call P. robustum banana guava? Thats what I have


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