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FL wind damage - please help me save my lychee

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Hello, the wind was no joke here in SW FL last night- my sweetheart lychee's main trunk split.  I removed the damaged branch but I am hoping I can reassemble the trunk similar to a graft.  All Temporarily I used what I had this morning to hold it together for now.

What should I do?  I'm limited to what I'll be able to pick up at Lowes or Home Depot today.  I am hoping I can save it, even without 1/3 of the tree it still has a reasonable structure and will hopefully have a good life ahead of it.

Crazy wind all week. I did something similar with a medium sized broken limb on a kwai muk tree. Months later, looking great. Success! Good luck.

Take a few more photo showing where the major break is, I can't really tell if it is at the Y-section of your tree since you don't show the entire tree after you applied the green tape. If you can take another photo like your last picture that shows the tree after you put on the green tape it would help.

From what I can see, I'm assuming your last photo is of the tree before you put the large section of green tape. If that is the case, you should cut off much more of the top main trunk smalller branches above the split since it is split in half. Try to reduce the amount of green leaf branches (thin it out) above the crack so it won't stress the tree too much.

Also, you may not have enough pressure with the green tape on the large trunk. I would go back to your Home Depot and buy 4 of the hose clamps to use for more pressure over your green tape. The automotive water hose style clamp will let you tighten the clamp using a screwdriver and will have more pressure to squeeze the two halves tightly together. Use 4 clamps, that should do it. I would also paint the cut branch at the split with Tree Sealer (tar).

Here's my suggestion, your method may be ok, if you have enough force/pressure with the green tape. Good Luck, I have repaired many of my broken trees and it seems to heal back within a year.

I would put more tape on it and seal up every inch of the split part.


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