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marcotting vs rooting question

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--- Quote from: Mike T on April 19, 2024, 06:47:44 AM ---I have a very high success rate on lychees, rambutan, sapodilla, wax apple, guava, langsat, sour sop, canistel and others. In the last 2 weeks I have put over 200 marcots on my trees and expect most to work well from experience. Pity its hard to post pics these days.
Anyway I see a few red flags in the pics and descriptions. Ideal branch width is 1cm to 3 cm but micromarcots are easy. Ideal ringbark width is 1cm to 2cm not like in the pics below. Paint or brush with rootex or clonex 8g per l concentration. I prefer gel to powder. Have pre prepared ziplock (I use 15 x 9cm mostly) cut on one side then tape over ring back. Tape it up well. Aluminium foil does not change the success rate. Remove in 4 weeks to 6 months with 8 weeks being average. Make sure they are well rooted unlike the plant below in the pic. Trim then pot. EASY. The mix in the bag I use is 50 : vermiculite and coco coir but sphagnum is fine. Below does look too leafy with too many roots and should be settled in a pot until properly rooted.The ties shown are less secure and looser than using electrical tape. The width of bark removed below is way in excess of required. In many cases it works out better than grafting for tree vigour and speed to fruiting.

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A note for very hot and dry climates. Aluminum foil is helpful for preventing the mix from drying out so quickly if it gets any sun at all. Where I am I would have to water my marcots several times a week if I didn't have the foil on them. Even with the foil I need to check on them every week. I expect Mike doesn't need to water his at all where he is.

Mike T:
I know Phoenix can get warm in summer and temps are higher than the 26c to 36c here but high UV at the end of the dry season. Electrical tape can pretty well seal a marcot as a single cut in needed in the ziplock,but they can survive even if quite dry.
When I am organised with all I need in a big bucket I can do about 30 marcots an hour.

I think my inga airlayer is doing okay.  All the buds opened and new growth is looking great.  Most of the original leaves fell off, but it seems happy.  Those two big leaves are original and the rest are all new growth since separating from parent.


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