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Guava Tree Bug? Development? New to All


Good Day,

Disclaimer: I'm super ultra new to all this.

-Zone 10A, South-Ish Central Florida (South Tampa but North of Sarasota)
-Pink Guava - first fruit tree I EVER planted ~ Planted this Tuesday (today is Friday).  Planted 2 Mango Trees Next

-What I did: Dug a whole....  which took forever.
A. Added Wakefield Compost Biochar with Mycorrhizal Fungi Organic Compost + mixed in a small amount of Jobe’s Organics Granular Garden Fertilizer, then watered
B. Placed plant in and added some Black Kow Compost around.  Tried to plant a bit "higher" hand whole
C. Added Mycorrhizal Fungi granulous around the tree roots
D. Covered it with soil (mixed soul around with the Black Kow)
E. Covered it with azomite powder, watered
F. Mulched but removed a couple of inches from center - aka avoiding mulch volcano
G. Haven't done this - but a video on youtube shows if you place scotch tape around the bark, then add an extra sticky side piece on top, ants won't torture your fruit

Now the Mangos look... amazing!  Shocker because I read plants will go on strike after translating/planting.  The Guava... doesn't look as happy as the mango trees. BUT the Guava never did. I think it looks a "bit" worse - but not much.  Could be the wind?  Anyway my questions

1- What is this bug on the tree (see image)?  It's a beetle of some kind.. evil or not? I tried to remove it gently - but it fell into the ground, when I tried to get it... it disappeared into a whole in the mulch.  Hope it died and turns into compost if evil.
2- These round pods - are those fruit? or new leaves?  I don't see flowers... the tree is taller than me (I'm a 5'4 lady).  Was in a 15 Gallon pot (officially biggest tree I got).  I know trees fruit when they are stressed... but again I'm super new so I don't know
3- Did I make a mistake somewhere?  Advice? 


Beetle looks to be the common japanese beetle, aka june bug.  Dunno if they will eat the guava, its possible.

The pods are flower buds, you should get fruit soon!

WOW!  So I plant 3 trees 4 days ago and I see my first Japanese Beetle ever (it's not even June yet!!) - lots of love bugs in garden though... worst part is it disappeared in the soil.  I do not know if I should be worried - start milk spore application or am I jumping ship to quickly?

EDIT: NVM won't let me order milky spore to FL... now what?

I don't know anything about milk spore.  Japanese beetles are only a problem when they swarm.  I would not worry about a few, simply blast them off with a hose

Mike T:
Aint no bug but a scarab beetle and some do chew guava leaves and even swarm but I doubt that one does. It will have a larvae in the soil. A curled witchety that will be recycling organic material not chewing roots.


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