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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / sharwill scions WTB
« on: August 21, 2019, 11:49:42 PM »
If any one has some two spare scions that they could spare I would really appreciate it. I have a friend coming to my house on the 28th to help with some grafting and I really want the scions by then.

If you have a grafted Sweet Tart on good Cali root stock please let me know.
Thanks for you time.

I am looking for the Sweet Tart mango to be on good California root stock. If you have the Sharwill on colonal root stock that would be best. Thanks for any help.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Hawaiian Avocado's in California
« on: March 10, 2019, 01:32:49 AM »
So me and my family have been in Kauai for the last week and we have been going to a new farmers market ever other day. We have been eating all the tropical fruit I can't get fresh at home but the Avocados have been a stand out! Today I had my first Sharwil and I was in complete heaven I have to believe this is the most ideal texture to any avocado. I also have green gold, yamagata and several other unnamed varieties that I have picked from trees off the road or are seedlings grow from someone's backyard and sold at farmers markets.
With all these excellent varieties on the island why do we California avocado guys not see them grown or sold? I know this trip has been a game changer for me and I will be trying to move mountains to get a scion or two on my backyard avocados.
Also another interesting observation while being here driving around I must have seen over 50 wild avocado trees growing next to the road in drainage ditches, heck the hotel I'm staying at right now has a row of maybe twenty trees on the side of the property and 95% of the trees I see are the healthiest looking avocado trees I have ever seen with nothing but jungle compost and five rain storms a day. This has really made me think about how much I water my trees. I will try and post some pictures of all the beautiful trees tomorrow.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Best Garcinia root stock for California
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:34:26 PM »
So what are your thoughts? I have a Lukes and an Achacha that I really want to get astablished in the yard in the next few years. I was recently with my family at the Fullerton Arboretum and they have an 8 foot tall "yellow garcinia" that is covered in fruit. Seeing this garcinia really made me think it might be an excellent root stoke that I could be growing right now and graft onto it in a few years. Does anyone know what cultivar this garcinia could be? Thanks in advance for your responses.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Rare Euginenia and Achacha fruit in Socal?
« on: October 10, 2018, 06:24:20 PM »
So I have felt very inspired by reading recent posts about the "Rain Forest Plum" Euginenia Candolleana and Achacha, Garcinia Humilis. I am looking for any of the other Socal guys to speak up and give any use full info they have gathered from growing and fruiting these trees? Microclimate, fertilization, soil type, sun, how long it took to fruit? I was thinking of starting these from seed and keeping them in pots for maybe two years before planting them in a protected spot in the yard with the best humidity. Do you guys think that seeds that are from plants grown in California would have a better chance than seeds ordered from Hawaii?
If anyone has any other recommendations on the other different rare Eugenia's that I should be trying please let me know.
If anyone has plants or seeds for sale that is local I would really appreciate a private message, thanks.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB Sweet tart Mango scions in Socal
« on: August 09, 2018, 01:46:24 PM »
please let me know if you have any scions left, thanks.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID Southern Cali passion fruit
« on: August 02, 2018, 07:00:35 PM »
So I have been on a mission to find some different types of passion fruit that can be grown in Southern California. It seems to me that everyone has the Fredricks variety and I would love to establish a vine that has some different acid to sugar balance.
I stopped by Exotica in Vista this last Monday to buy a Grumichama and several different mango seedlings for rootstock. While we were down in the area, me and the family went to another favorite nursery, Atkins Nursery. We bought several boxes of white sapote, reed avacodos and passion fruit.
While I was picking out the bigger Fredricks passion fruit from the box, I noticed another box of passion fruit sitting next to it. The thing that caught my eye was all the different colors and sizes. I asked the young guy that was working there and he told me that a local man grows a lot of different types and gives them to him to sell at the farmers market.
If anyone has any idea what types these are or if they might be in contact with the person in Fallbrook that is growing these, I would be interested in hearing more.
There look to be three different cultivars from my observations: two yellow types (one of short, fat & circular, the other is long & oval) and a very light red colored one. This one has five distinct ridges that don't show up very well on the photos.
I will post a taste update in a few days when I have the time.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Good source for black surinam in So Cal
« on: May 09, 2018, 02:12:20 AM »
So one of my favorite pass times is to load up my family and take a day trip to a new nursery. This has lead me to many different locations in San Diego, Vista, Orange county, Riverside, and LA. In my travels there have been a few plants that I have had a hard time finding and I would love the help of this forum to locate what I'm looking for. I really want to find some of the different Black surinam cherry variety's (Black Star, Lolita, Zill) or any different Grumichama. As a fare warning I was able to find a 15 gallon Zill Black surinam at Exotica but they wanted 200 dollars for it and I'm not prepared to pay such a huge price for a berry bush. I am also trying to do my best to avoid shipping plants from florida directly because I have had trouble with plants adapting or just being of pour quality.

On a separate note I have had a tough time tracking down some good ground cover like perennial peanut, comfery, mimosa or any other hardy nitrogen fixer. What are some of you guys using and where are you getting it? 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!
« on: March 16, 2018, 07:06:31 PM »
Well let's start off with the Bad. About three weeks ago, we had some of the coldest temperatures in my backyard that I have ever seen. For the better part of a week and a half we were in the 30s every night with the lowest night in the mid 20s  :-[. I lost a lot of new trees in my backyard including Coconut Cream, Placid, Ugly Betty and Orange Essence Mango's and four or five of my Manila Mango seedlings. All of my Banana's burned back to the ground after growing none stop through the winter and all of my young papayas dropped all of their leaves. At least whatever survived a huge cold spell like that will be stronger for it in the long run.

The Good: last weekend was my B-Day and I'm blessed with an incredible wife that I have been with for 13 years now. She will listen to me talk about whatever new Gary Zill Mango is coming out, grafting, rootstocks, different cultivars of whatever, and countless soil nuances. One of my favorite things to do with my wife and two kids is take them to different nurseries and arboretums from LA to San Diego. My wife knows how bummed I was with all of my mango losses and told me that my gift this year was going to be the large Manila mango that I found at Atkins Nursery in Fallbrook several months ago. If you have not read Simon's thread on Southern California mango growing, he talks about the importance of the Manila mango rootstock to have a longterm healthy tree in our area. The Manila mango rootstock is easy to find in our area at Home Depot or Lowe's, but most are barely a small twig with a few leaves on it. To find Manila rootstock in such a large size for sale is a rarity. Once my family got to Atkins Nursery, we were told they had two boxed Manila mango seedlings about 7-10 years old. I started looking at the two trees to decide which one would be the preferred one to buy. I quickly noticed one had a superior shape to the canopy, but had very severe trunk rot issues. The other Manila had a healthy trunk, but much less desirable canopy. After trying to decide between the two, my incredible wife said, "Why don't we get both?" She negotiated a price and we got a smoking deal on both trees. We came home with two 24" boxed Manilas and a few papayas.

The Ugly: As I mentioned, one of the Manilas has a trunk rot issue. I'll post photos to better show what it looks like. It seems like there was too much mulch against the trunk, which caused the rotting. Other than this issue, the tree looks very healthy. Has anyone dealt with this issue before and successfully healed the tree? Also, should I wait to graft onto this tree until it is healed? Any tips or suggestions are much appreciated.

(I had trouble uploading photos, so you can view them here:

Tropical Fruit Discussion / SoCal Papaya sources?
« on: January 29, 2018, 09:37:36 PM »
So I am in the middle of planting out a section of my yard with a lot of Banana's and Papaya's but I am having some trouble finding local sources that carry different types of Papaya. Currently I have Mexican and Solo. Does anyone have any for sale or trade, or know of any Nursery that carries some good types of Papaya.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / White Sapote size control?
« on: January 11, 2018, 12:57:23 AM »
So this last summer I had my first taste of White Sapote and I was blown away. I will be planting a Mcdill in a large area in my backyard this spring and I want to try and control the height on the tree and keep it 15 to 20 feet max. Does anyone have a mature tree that they have successfully kept this size. If you have a stand out favorite I would love to hear the name of that cultivar.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mona Lisa and Sweet heart Banana's?
« on: January 07, 2018, 08:38:38 PM »
So if you read my Guava post you know I just took a trip to Exotica Nursery which is one of my favorite places to take my family and just walk around and see all the cool trees/fruits there. I ended up purchasing a few Banana's while I was there for my banana circle project that I am starting soon. I went off the recommendations of Leo and bought Mona Lisa, Sweet Heart and Dwarf Namwah. Does anyone have any first hand experience with Mona Lisa or Sweet Heart?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pink/White Hawaiian Guava?
« on: January 07, 2018, 08:31:16 PM »
So about 6 months ago I went to my favorite disorganized nursery in Vista San Diego, Exotica, and walked away with a beautiful "White Hawaiian Guava." In early Fall of this last year I was able to harvest one fruit from the tree. When I cut the Guava open I saw the most bright pink color I had ever seen from a "White Guava." I knew something was wrong with this picture but I'm not one to get all worked up about not getting the correct tree, especially because the taste of this guava was easily the best guava I had every had. This last week I went back to Exotica and asked Leo about the White Guava that he had sold me. He said, it must have been a "Pink Hawaiian Guava" and that I'm actually very lucky because he does not carry that rare cultivar any longer and is frequently asked if he does. Does anyone on the Forum know anything about these Pink or White Hawaiian Guava cultivars?
And I was been able to try the White cultivar this last week and it was a fist sized very good fruit, my 2 year old daughter took one bight and then asked Leo for the rest of it. 


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Southern California Longan cultivars
« on: January 02, 2018, 03:29:47 PM »
I will be adding a Longan to my collection very soon and I have very little knowledge on the different varieties. Do those of you that have some experience see much difference in taste, productivity, disease issues?

Thanks for your comments

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Lanzones or Langsat and Caimito or starapple?
« on: December 16, 2017, 12:09:21 AM »
So I am very happily married into a Filipino family that tells me tales of great fruit that they used to eat all the time in the Philippines. I want to test the waters of what can be grown in my zone and try and grow some of the tropical varieties that my wife's family grow up with. Has anyone in Southern California had any success growing the above varieties? I am willing to go to almost any length to get these trees established in the first couple years. Has anyone been successful? 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / planting a long term potted plant?
« on: December 13, 2017, 01:09:43 PM »
Well me and my wife recently purchased a ten year old Chico Sapote that has spent its life in different size pots. I want to put this beauty in the ground soon but I wanted to pick the brain of anyone that has experience with root pruning? If you have any opinions on best practice with prepping long term pot bound plants for planting in ground, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / southern california blue berry soil?
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:08:25 PM »
So I have never planted Blue Berries before and I have heard they like a very acidic soil? If you have a good blue berry soil/fertilization program I would love to hear it! I will have five plants in ground and five in pots.


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