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Satsuma tree help, leaf drop

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My satsuma tree is dropping leaves and the majority of the leaves are turning pale and hard.  There is fruit on the tree that is growing, however there is no new leaf growth.  My lime tree has tons of new leaf growth right now.  I sent pictures to my grower about 5 weeks back and he said he thought I had spider mites.  I have been treating every 7 days with a miticide and I washed the leaves with soap and water.  Can any identify if I am still dealing with spider mites and what the best treatment should be? Thanks!

Yes, the mottled leaves look like typical spider mite damage.
Miticides, horticultural spraying oil, or frequent washing are all control methods, but the mites are tiny and probably too small to see any remaining on your photos.
Unfortunately the affected leaves will not recover and some may fall off.
Eventually the tree will produce new shoots which will grow normally if the spider mites have been eliminated.

Thanks for the reply! I have treated I believe 4 times over the last 4 weeks.  How many applications does it typically take to get rid of them?  Should I continue spraying?  What are your thoughts on neem oil to keep them away? I don't see them anymore like I used to.

For reference, this was my tree 4 weeks ago. 

Normally, just one or two sprays will rid spider mites from the tree.  After the 4 o 5 sprays you did, your tree should be OK.

Thanks! I don't see any activity any more.

Should I use neem oil occasionally to keep them away?


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