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Hi everyone, I hope the start of summer is going well!

So most of my previous posts had related to indoor citrus as I live in a typical unfriendly-to-citrus environment. I have some citrus being shipped from Phoenix perennials in Vancouver and I plan to continue to experiment with growing citrus indoors. I know that this will be a challenge as citrus are plants that obviously thrive outdoors but that hasn’t stopped me from trying to have thriving indoor citrus. I am looking for any advice on making this a successful growing experience as I struggled previously with root rot, lack of lighting and fluctuating root temperatures. So this time around I am going “all-in” with the indoor experiment. Listed below is what I have prepared for my indoor citrus (4th time is a charm!):

-They will be living in a 2x4’ grow tent that is lined with reflective Mylar material to help reflect light, regulate temperatures and humidity.

-I will be fertilizing with jacks high performance 25-5-15 (after the advice of everyone here).

-fabric pots and plastic air root pruning pots for maximum drainage and access to oxygen (my first attempt at defending from root rot which I have struggled with).

-medium will be 5:1:1:1 for extra drainage. I will used cedar bark fines (the best/affordable bark I could find), 1 mushroom compost, 1 sand, 1 large coarse perlite. I know this mix may seem extreme but I would rather have to water every day then have another set of plants die from root rot.

-TSL 2000 Marshydro LED light that is using 6400K light. The light covers the 2x4 area nicely.

-6” oscillating fan for airflow

-humidity/temperature monitor.

First question: because I won’t have to compete with any weather or seasons, how does this effect fertilization/fruiting schedules?

Second question: my area chlorinated tap water, should I dechlorinate?

Ok team, does it seem like I am prepared? Any other recommendations for success?

I intend to have these be indoor plants (yes their size will be a challenge down the road) but I am excited to see what is capable growing citrus in my basement. I also plan to photograph the growing experience and see if I have learned from previous mistakes.

Thanks very much! Any advice is very much appreciated!!!

watch and treat for insects

Check the chlorine ppm, should be able to ask your water company.  I forget what the safe level for citrus is.

Measure the root zone temps with a digital meat thermometer.  Ideal is around 80f, below 55f is too cold.  Over 95f too hot

I am curious how it works out for you.  I haven't really tried grow lights but there is no reason it should not work.

Figure out where excess water will drain.  Onto the floor?

The medium that you are going to use should provide good aeration to the roots.  That type of medium will require a more frequent watering schedule than peat type mediums.  You seem to have a good feeling of all the important requirements for indoor citrus growing.

I just completed my first indoor season, and based on my experience I think your current plan is solid.

The lamp choice seems good. Wide lamps seem to do be better than compact and very powerful ones. My current lamp is compact/powerful and supposed to cover my whole grow space, but the leaves and fruits on the edges did poorly.

You might want to keep an eye on the airflow and consider adding another fan. It's very easy to get high temperatures and dry air at the top of the tent and high humidity at the bottom.
I had this issue last winter and it left me susceptible to both root rot and spider mites.


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