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Orange leaf deformation

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This orange plant has some deformation to its new growth. Its a friend's plant , potted in native soil, pure clay by my judgment. She is fertilizing it with water soluble fertilizer for citrus, shes not much into gardening so I dunno what shes' doing to the plants. I did not sal any mites/ aphids under the leaves . She has one lemon tree which also has this problem  but to a lesser extent. The plants are staying under a shed ,not in direct sunlight.  Thanks for any insight.

Its hard to make out clearly from the photos which appear low resolution. If you look on the under side of the leaves do you see little track marks weaving through the leaf?  Some flies lay eggs on nw growth citrus leaves and the larvae burrow around in the leaves and cause the leaves to curl. Aphids can cause a similar leaf curl but aphids are easy to spot.  I spray need oil on new growth which prevents it to some extent but you need to do it before the problem starts for the best effect.once a week or every other week. Id also check the tree for ants which will cultivate and farm various insidious invading organisms which is especially commonly seen in California.

The problem is most likely caused by thrips feeding on the new growth.  This type of damage is rather common. This site gets posting on this situation with each new flush. Spraying the new tender growth with a good horticultural oil or neem every two or three days until the new leaves firm up will prevent the damage..  Thrips are so small it is very difficult to see them with out a lenses.

Thank u both for the comments !! I did not saw any nasties on the under or upper sides of the damaged leaves, I usually dont have damage spotting mites on the under sides of the leaves of plants, but if its thrips and they are sooooo small I may have missed them.
I checked the damage caused by thrips on citrus on the web, and it seems that damaged leaves on citrus have white/ yellow stripes on them, and other damage like dots and stuff. Her citrus leaves were looking nice and all ,other that they were a little deformed and more thin and elongated.
Hers case may be not as severe as others so I will gust say to her to buy a insecticide and spray .
One interesting thing is that she has her citrus ,lemon ,mandarin and orange all staying together and they are touching each other with branches ,the mandarin does not have any damage, only the lemon and the orange have it. The mandarin is staying between the two others .

I don't know what your looking at, but thrip damage on citrus leaves does not make white stripes nor dots on the leaves.  On other plants, such as tomatoes thrips do make dots.  On citrus leaves the damage shows up as twisted leaves.  The amount of twisting depends on the severity of the damage.


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