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Best mangos of this season

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We had a dismal mango season this year of 2022, the great mango reset!

Best ones so far:

Valencia Pride
Coconut Cream

Peak mango season hasn't even started in Central Florida for us who protected our bloom. The tropical storm was south of most of us and it has been a less than average rainy season so far.In no particular order Marc Anthony Bombay seedling local favorite Julie Orange Sherbet and Phoenix from West Palm Beach Dot and Dwarf Hawaiian from my backyard. Accidentally knocked off a Sugarloaf so they're getting close to being ready. Honorable mention lemon meringue and Pickering from my backyard.

Bombay was fantastic!Beat the hell out of Sunrise.My first orange sherbet ever from my tree was killer,I should have checked the brix on that one had to be pushing 30.

Same as always. Fruit punch!

Lucille, Plutonic Pleasure x something (cross), and Kesar have been my favorites so far this year. 


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