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Are any members growing the Hall avocado?  Can you tell me about its ripening dates, productivity, and flavor?  Also, growth characteristics?  Would it be along the same lines as Simmonds, Choquette, or Monroe as far as oil content and flavor?  Or perhaps a little denser (drier) and more flavorful like Lula?  Anything else you can tell me about this variety and whether it's worth growing?  I'm looking for something that starts ripening in the fall a couple months before Monroe kicks in.  Thank you, friends.  Even if you tasted it and didn't like it, let me know.  I know it's one of the "SlimCados."  God, I hate that name!

Carlos knows. ;)  While I'm at it, Simmonds, Pollock, or Dupuis?  Which is the best summer avocado?  By a whole lot, or just marginally?  Carlos has said that Dupuis is fussy, so would Monroe pollinate it?

canito 17:
More oil content and drier. Antracnosis hit it hard


--- Quote from: canito 17 on July 30, 2022, 08:36:50 PM ---More oil content and drier. Antracnosis hit it hard

--- End quote ---
So maybe it's disease-prone?  Can you suggest a variety, canito, for fall ripening in South Florida, other than Lula?  Also, looking forward to seeing your varieties in the not-too-distant future!

John, this is all I could find on Hall :HALL   Florida Originated on place of Willis Hall, Miami as seedling of unknown origin. Tree heavy bearing & hardy. Fruit season, Nov., Dec.; color, dk. green; weight 20- 30 ozs.; shape, pyriform; skin, smooth, thick; quality, fine; oil, 12-16%. Seed medium. (CAS Yearbook 1950) Origin, FL; Race, WIxG; Flowering group, B (Lahav & Gazit) (originated in Miami; of unknown parentage; fruited in 1937, propagated in 1938); pear-shaped; lg.;skin smooth, fairly thick; flesh deep-yellow, 12-16% oil; seed med. lg.,tight. Season: Nov. & Dec. Heavy bearer & cold-hardy but subject to scab. (J.Morton 1987)


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