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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Custom question
« on: November 05, 2017, 11:02:59 PM »

I am in contact with some researcher in a foreign university who was willing to send me a few tubers of an uncommon vegetable (in United States). Now, obviously, this is a serious person in a University that wants to follow the rules, not a little sneaky guy as most plant adicts are, going through custom their socks full of seeds, bromeliads hidden in their nostrils, with black glasses to get unnoticed.... Does anyone know what the official rule is? I haven't been able to make 100% sure if we need a permit anyway for importing any small tuber to United States, or if there was an exception for less than 10 tubers. Does anyone have some clue there? ---I was going to try to call them, if I can figure out a phone number.... I had found an e-mail address, but, don't know if this is because America was made great again or if it had always been that great, but this administration never replied to me in 1.5 months now....

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