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Citrus General Discussion / Re: Gummosis problem
« on: August 26, 2022, 08:58:43 AM »
My variegated lemon did the EXACT same thing. However, it was a clipping and not a graft. I'm not sure if the variegation causes more weakness and susceptibility to crown rot, etc. I tried treatments using organicide plant doctor and phyton 35 a couple of weeks apart. Anyway, it lost all its leaves and died and I decided to go with a much taller grafted version which has had no problems. Good luck to you!

Does citrus absorb urea from the roots as well, or is soil soak useless? Is this an environmental concern?

If I use a decreased amount in my spray, say 1 tablespoon per gallon, can I spray more frequently like bi-weekly. Will I still have high risk burning leaves in hot weather?

Looks like JRN Nursery 2

Them and Fairbanks are about the only places I can find mango trees around here. Great bonsai trees as well!


Coconut Cream flushing new growth. The young tree seems healthy but new growth seems irregular. I typically water w rainwater 2x/wk, maybe that's not enough since they still reside in their original 3g container. Just recently added minute amounts of greensand and gypsum (3-4 Tbsp per 3g tree). Not panicking but I would love to hear y'all's thought process. Normal or not?

I have new growth pics and pics of an established leaf possibly symptomatic.

I am sorry if this situation has already been covered. Thanks for any information!

First two pics are Maha Chanock and third is Cac. Is this fertilizer burn, PM, or what? I am definitely guilty of over fertilizing

I'm in Tomball Tx, 9a.

Thanks for any help!

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