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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Store-bought mangos - Late August
« on: August 31, 2019, 04:21:32 PM »
It is now late August and I purchased a couple different mangoes at the local Asian supermarket. Wondering if you all could identify? They didn't have any real variety names on the labels.

The so-called 'Haitian' I'm thinking is a 'Madame Francique', since that is typically Haiti's only mango export... as far as I know... and the shape looks right. But usually they only ship in early summer. Or is this something different? It was pretty bad ... exceedingly stringy and not much taste.

The so-called 'Green' mango (from Mexico)? Is that just a Keitt? This one is probably over-ripe. But it was solid green when I got it. they sold by the pound and some where huge. Not terrible in taste or texture.

And lastly, I've never heard of an 'Apple' mango, which is what this was marked as. It's from Mexico also. Is it just a Kent? Or is there a separate variety called 'Apple'? Flavor was OK. Seemed similar to a Kent.

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