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Re: Its Now Time To Foliar Feed For Best Crop Of Fruit
« Reply #175 on: August 01, 2022, 08:45:04 PM »
"It is labeled Diammonium Phosphate.
Could be low biuret, but if the product label does not list the biuret content there is no way of knowing."

As far as I know, unless it contains Urea, Biuret shouldn't be an issue because the N is Ammonium.
Otherwise the Biuret warning would apply to other N fertilisers.
Not sure if the Ammonium breaks down to other forms ( urea ?) but without the manufacturing process heat, don't think the Biuret compound can form easily.
ps Ammonium fertilisers also have some warnings, i.e. in cool dull weather plant roots can get problems.

"I tried urea from Alpha Chemicals once and it caused burning and defoliation. Their specification sheet says that biuret is less that 0.5% "

Biuret causes a toxicity symptom. white or yellow leaf margins, plants stop growing.
Low Biuret Urea at high rates, or rates too high for young plants, or not sufficiently mixed and agitated well will still cause burning.
Dog Pee on lawns causes burnt grass.
I once fertilised Citrus seedlings with a liquid Urea fertiliser, Citrus was ok but small Microcitrus dropped their leaves.
Also they got it at the end of the vat, so could have been a heavier concentration slug in the last of the vat.
Since then I increased the agitation of spray mixes, i.e. a circulating return off take on a pump, or occasionally shaking a hand sprayer to re mix spray liquid.

Urea can be harsh at high rates, it is recommended to use it to clean out other chemical residues in farm spray vats.
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