Author Topic: Low Biuret Urea Spray To Attain Larger & Juicer Citrus Fruit  (Read 425 times)


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Summer spray applications of low biuret urea is designed to increase fruit size and juice without increasing yield. The time of application is important.  The treatment is designed to extend the cell division stage of fruit development to achieve an increase in fruit size.  The end of the cell division stage is characterized by maximum peel thickness; the peel thickness period is between approximately June 11 and July 26.  Low biuret urea is most effective when applied between July 1 to July 26.  Applications of low biuret urea that are too early  (May and June) increase fruit retention and thus are less effective in increasing fruit size.  It is not known whether low biuret urea applications would be effective if applied  later than the end of July. When applied in the summer at maximum peel thickness, low biuret urea is applied as a single spray targeting July 15 + or - 7 days at a rate of 50-lbs of low biuret urea  per 200 gallons of water per acre.  (.25-lb. low biuret urea/1-gallon).  All applications should be made to give GOOD ANOPY COVERAGE, much like spraying an insecticide.  For best results the solutions should be between a pH of 5.5 and 6.5. Applications should be made when the air temperature is below 80F.  Taking in consideration the potential maximum daytime temperature, applications should be make in early morning or late afternoon to early evening.
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how big are the fruit at this time of development.  Are my fruits too big to gain grom feeding

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Re: Low Biuret Urea Spray To Attain Larger & Juicer Citrus Fruit
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Distilled water works best


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