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--- Quote from: Francis_Eric on June 25, 2021, 11:59:28 PM ---Disregard what I wrote below sure would like to know for other stuff (could PM Me or start a new topic)
but for this it doesn't apply

HI Farm This link more be updated
you can see with my links , (and question ) how things changed (and my confusion )
I tried re finding this on the site , and didn't so Will copy/pasted link with the new search
I like the older layout (in a way and the newer on in another way)

(My online notes had 3 links I only clicked the one initially when I started this topic -- but still like to know)
Search Field

Anyone know how to get older links fully ?
I looked at way way back machine but it only goes back 2 pages of annonas

In my Notes of 2015 it said 400 annona

Here is the link Here is way way back machine any idea's not the best with Computers
(see only works for 2 or 3  pages after says no data any help have some other links not found)

(I will be checking this place out )

The Field Museum is located at 1400 South Lake Shore Drive in the heart of Chicago's Museum Campus
Roosevelt Red Line Stop servicing Red, Orange and Green Line and offers connections to #146 bus, located at State Street and Roosevelt Road.

Porcelia ponderosa (Peru )

--- End quote ---


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