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Some books/links from the greater antilles


Some ebooks i've found over time of important books from the greater antilles. (will add more later)

Flora of Puerto Rico

Flora de Cuba (Hermano León, Joseph Sylvestre Sauget,Hermano Alain, Henri Alain Liogier)
1946   Flora de Cuba Volumen I
1951   Flora de Cuba Volumen II
1953   Flora de Cuba. Volumen III
1957   Flora de Cuba. Volumen IV
1964   Flora de Cuba. Volumen V
1974   Flora de Cuba. Suplemento

Flora de la española vol 9 (can't really find the other volumes outside of libraries)

Karpos : collection of fruit from the island of Santo Domingo

Diccionario Botanico De Nombres Vulgares De la española (Henri Alain Liogier)


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