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All the mangos are seedlings, but lemon zest and and sweet tart are polyembryonic.

Hey all,

I bunch of fig trees for sale and free topical fruit trees available for local pickup in San Diego, CA. Message me if you are interested!

1x Black Plate, Hungarian heirloom - 20 gallon - $100
1x Golden rainbow - 10 gallon - $50
1x Smith - 10 gallon - $50
1x Col de Dama rimada - rooted cutting - $25
2x unknown pastillerie - rooted cutting - free
1x Cravens Craving - 20 gallon - $150


2x Pacay, ice cream bean, inga feiullei - 3 gallon - free
1x Gem avocado, 5 gallon - $25
Many sweet tart, lemon zest, fruit punch mangos - 3 gallon - $45 each.
3x cherimoya - dr white seedling - 5 gallon - free
2x black Sapote seedling - 1/2 gallon - free
2x Vernon white Sapote seedling - 1/2 gallon - free


Madridje, I recommend you check out Simonís great thread on the subject

It depends on the area. Iíve got a couple of acres in Vista (10a, sunset 23) where we have very mild winters. Lychee and other frost sensitive plants grow well. Perhaps they donít thrive as much as they would elsewhere though. The property next to mine has several mature mangos @ ~20ft tall that are quite productive for them.  Since we are marginal for mangos, Iím sure they would need some protection during our rare cold snaps.

@nullzero Pm sent

Thank you Kalan for the quick transaction! Iím covered for LZ seeds now!

Hi Kalan, I didnít receive your PM.  Feel free to shoot me an email instead.

Bump, anyone have some extra seeds they want to sell?

Looking to purchase PPK, Coconut Cream, and PiŮa Colada seeds. PM me with your price!

What a tragedy. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Beautiful trees! Iíve reserved several spots in my orchard for ST. Itíll be a few years before they are large enough to fruit though

Is there anyone willing to part with some of their seeds? We donít have nearly as much access to plant material here in SoCal.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Gulf Frittilary on passion vine
« on: June 21, 2021, 05:13:15 PM »
I leave them because passion fruit vines are vigorous enough to outgrow any insect damage. The butterflies are good pollinators too!

Wtb coconut cream, m-4, or sugarloaf mango seeds. Shoot me a PM with your price, I am highly motivated!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Selling Mango seeds
« on: June 18, 2021, 04:40:30 PM »
I would like:

2x CAC
1x coconut cream
2x fruit punch
2x orange sherbet
1x sweet tart
2x pickering

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Variation of Lucs Garcinia
« on: June 14, 2021, 08:25:22 PM »
I have admittedly limited experience with this garcinia. However I have noticed that among my trees there is a good deal of variation. Some trees have long pointed leaves, while others have wider more squat shapes. Additionally, new foliage varies from light pink to a rich red. All of these trees have been grown from seeds provided by Raul and Luc.

Has anyone else noticed this variation? How does this correspond to variation in fruit?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: ONG Lychee Longan hybrid?
« on: June 13, 2021, 09:59:24 AM »
Quang is an agronomist and very reputable. He has a larger farm out in fallbrook where his mother trees are. I canít speak to this particular variety, but he is one of the better sources for rare trees here in SD. I have one of his seedless lychee selections that might hold fruit this year.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: ISO: Mango Seeds
« on: June 11, 2021, 01:12:44 PM »
Hi Simon,

Thanks for the suggestion. That is number one my list! I have two growing that I got from Brad last year :)


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: ISO: Mango Seeds
« on: June 10, 2021, 08:49:04 PM »

Anyone have these? Shoot me a PM with your price!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / ISO: Mango Seeds
« on: June 09, 2021, 04:36:35 PM »
Hi All,

Iím on the hunt for some quality polyembrionic mango seeds (or small seedlings) to start out my new orchard. Iím looking for the following:

  • E4 Sugar Loaf
  • Lemon Zest
  • Coconut Cream
  • PiŮa Colada
  • CAC
  • M4

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Garcinia hombroniana - question
« on: June 05, 2021, 01:06:59 PM »
My small seedlings have taken 39 with no issue.

Quick update on my trees and grafts:

1 dongkui- dead ☠️
1 dongkui - buds have begun pushing both above and below graft
1 biqi - dead above graft, pushing below graft
1 biqi - still green above/below graft but no swelling

M. Californica grafts:
3x biqi - dead
3x dongkui - green and swelling, not pushing new growth yet.

I definitely think harvesting scions from the trees slowed things down. In retrospect I should have let the biqi do its thing since it was the healthiest.

I stand by what I said, your results are incredible Simon!

Quick update on my trees: One of my Dongkui seems to be dying back further, itís probably on its way out. Luckily, I noticed two small green buds appear on the rootstocks of my other Dongkui and Biqi. Hopefully the roots will continue to grow and they will start to push above the graft.

Master Simon, do you recommend keeping the rootstock growth at this stage?

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