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Dioscorea alata bulbils


Bunches of D. alata bulbils available. 5 for $5 on smaller bulbils. They vary in size greatly but I'll try to give decent sized ones or put in extras if they are really small. Large bulbils are 5 for $10. Price of item plus applicable shipping. Hit me up!

Thanks! DG

Why not. Can you have enough yams? I'll buy 10 large. Regards, Dan

Hit me up when you're ready.

I can trade I got a few things

White mulberry cutting
Peanut butter fruit cutting
Gotta check what other mulberry I have
Suriname spinach
African mint potato
Puertorican oregano
I got seeds too like some viable black sesame, black garbanzo, 2 different pigeon peas, hawaiian chili peppers, thai chili pepper, shampoo ginger, I have more stuff but gotta check in a little

Is the white Mulberry you're talking about the species Morus alba with black fruits or is it an actual white fruited variety?

What other plants or seeds might you have? I might grab some black sesame or chickpea seeds from you. Maybe the Hawaiian chili peppers too. Otherwise I have pretty much all the other stuff you offered.

Grown sesame before but it's hard to actually harvest the seeds here. Usually rains so much around the time they are ready that the seeds try to mold in the pods. I would potentially try again though. Never grown chickpeas but interested to try if they produce a sizable harvest. Are they vining or like a bush?


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