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Cherimoya/Pawpaw hybrid

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Here's my years later update (see the original post). My only surviving potential pawpaw x cherimoya cross has finally bloomed and the flower looks just like a pawpaw and it bloomed at the same time as my other pawpaws. I believe the mother plant (pawpaw) may have been influenced by the presence of cherimoya pollen but that a cross never occurred. Everything about this tree has been true to pawpaw. There was no cherimoya-ness to the leaf shape, the growth style, the stem color and now the flower color and shape.

I get more fruit from the row of pawpaw trees than any normal human could eat, but neither of the two cherimoya trees have ever made a fruit. I will try to master the art of hand pollination. I hear these are difficult in Florida so my climate may have the same roadblocks (high summer heat and humidity).

The original pawpaw tree that had the one branch that bloomed in late summer, where I attempted to cross with cherimoya pollen from my greenhouse collection, that tree has been dead for a while. The branch that bloomed twice in one year eventually died and then the entire tree died.

Thank you for the update, sir! 

Any updates? Been a minute.

I spoke too soon - the larger of my two cherimoyas does appear to have some fruit set. Years of hand pollinating has finally paid off. Perhaps wearing a bumblebee costume did the trick! Actually I think the tree just wanted to be of a certain size. It is seed grown and produces a lot of flowers so I get to practice often.

Have you considered grafting cherimoya onto the pawpaw x cherimoya hybrid to see if it could potentially be used as a cold hardy cherimoya rootstock?


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